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  • I am a para/quad and always become hypotensive after eating

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Thread: How many SCI's experience a drop in blood pressure after eating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chick
    I thought this was more common PRIOR to eating, thus eating/drinking resulting in relieving these symptoms. I feel much better after having eaten something and having had a lot of fluid intake to decrease those symptoms described by Seneca - shallow breathing, pounding or racing heart, restlessness and fatigue. Others may experience dimmed vision, ringing in the ears, confusion, lightheadedness and syncope (fainting).
    I voted "never" because I experience more what Chick has described.


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    I'm on the roster for this damn blasted side effect from eating... and it truly sucks. One of the main things that depresses me. I get confused, lightheaded, muffled hearing, fatigue, racing heart, shallow breathing, blurred vision, stomach pain that causes me to want to bend forward... and usually to make things worse I go into a panic attack sometimes, which then increases everything ten fold. All this started happening after I graduated high school last year.

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    I think there's a big difference between a quad's blood pressure and a para's so perhaps the poll should have been divided along those lines.

    And since quads tend to be on more medications and have more complications this could/should have also been considered.

    Although I have noticed in this thread that a couple paras do have symptoms after eating perhaps their drug history should be taken into account. I'm on 2000mgs of gabapentin and 20mgs of diazepam a day for the past few/several months. And 6 cups of coffee.

    And wouldn't a person's type of diet, amount of food consumed, caloric intake and how many meals eaten per day be important? And whether they're "snackers" or not? I eat 1 and 1/2 meals a day and don't snack at all.

    I'm a T-5 complete and smoke and used to drink a lot of alcohol (now I drink lots of coffee!) and my blood pressure is totally normal (70-80/120-140) and food has no effect on me whatsoever except to satisify my hunger. A poll of this nature took me off guard. I'm 51 years old too so maybe I just have an iron GI tract or a steady blood pressure.
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    I get so tired after eating. There's been many times I've actually fallen asleep at my desk when I'm doing homework after dinner. And having classes in the afternoon, eating lunch is a problem because I'll be completely exhausted the entire time. I usually buy a frappuccino to keep me awake sometimes.

    My blood pressure almost always runs low, even when I haven't eaten so I think that's half the reason why eating just knocks me out.
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    When I eat, especially something heavy, or a big meal, I usually feel grim.
    At worst, I've had dots in front of my eyes.
    But most often, I feel faint, and my heart starts racing.

    If I'm on my own in my wheelchair, I try not to eat at all, as I am afraid of falling from my chair after eating.
    I put my feet up if I can, and that helps, although lying down is best; this abolishes the faintness.

    I can feel bad if I need to eat, but it is different; not lightheaded, but weak, shaky and bad-tempered.

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    Bob Clark,

    I'm T6 and have low blood pressure problems. The nurses in the hospital almost always ask if it's typical for me to be so low because they're surprised.

    I think I did better with eating when I took a shitload of spasm medications or maybe it just glossed over it. I'm not certain.

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    OMG! This is something else that I have to worry about for my daughter? Does it never end?!!! I never heard of this and I will have to keep "another" eye on her. Although she has never complained about anything after eatting. But anyhow, thanks for the info (no matter how depressing it is).

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    Voted yes, always. Short of breath, tightness across abdomen, dizzy - it is at its worst in the morning after eating (even if it is only a tea & biscuit).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais
    Bob Clark,

    I'm T6 and have low blood pressure problems. The nurses in the hospital almost always ask if it's typical for me to be so low because they're surprised.

    I think I did better with eating when I took a shitload of spasm medications or maybe it just glossed over it. I'm not certain.
    I agree Todd. From what I've read over the years, it seems that low BP can effect all SCI's regardless of injury level, especially when they stand (orthostatic) but I always thought this was more common in quads which is why the 2006 paper is so interesting because it suggests that postprandial hypotension in particular is more common in paras.

    Conclusions:Patients with mid-thoracic SCL may develop PPH. The pathology causing PPH can include a thoracic but not a cervical SCL. The normal hemodynamic reaction to liquid meal ingestion is mediated through the mid-thoracic spinal cord. The sympathovagal balance increases after food ingestion, more prominently in patients with PPH, and cerebrovascular resistance changes during PPH may help maintain the cerebral circulation.
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