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  • I am a para/quad and always become hypotensive after eating

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  • I am a para/quad and have never become hypotensive after eating

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Thread: How many SCI's experience a drop in blood pressure after eating?

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    Cindy, an incomplete or walking SCI is considered an ASIA C/D paraplegic or quadriplegic. Postprandial hypotension can affect all SCI's regardless of extent or completeness of injury.

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    I'm replying again. I try to stay away from eating breads (carbohydrates) lately as I've found they seem to make me feel fainty. For example, if stopping at McDonalds before driving a great distance ect and only ordering a sausage egg n cheese buscuit, the biscuit is just too much and I find my BP drops tremendously if I eat the entire buscuit. feeling fainty occurs generally 15 minutes after eating, lasts up to 25 min or so.

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    bump for more votes

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    Although it isn't noticable after eating, it is marked when getting out of bed in the am, or after tilting back in w/c for a legth of time. Jim has been prescribed Proamatine to combat this. Because Jim is a type 1 diabetic, he gets insulin with each meal, so that might make a difference also. I will watch more closely after mealtimes. Debra

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    I thought this was more common PRIOR to eating, thus eating/drinking resulting in relieving these symptoms. I feel much better after having eaten something and having had a lot of fluid intake to decrease those symptoms described by Seneca - shallow breathing, pounding or racing heart, restlessness and fatigue. Others may experience dimmed vision, ringing in the ears, confusion, lightheadedness and syncope (fainting).

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    I have just recently experienced the problems described here. Although it was a year ago, both times it was a large meal at 1 or 2 in the afternoon after eating nothing for breakfast. I almost blacked-out in the middle of the mall.(both times)
    For the past 15 years though I've suffered from hypoglycia.
    Don't skip breakfast and load up on sugar in the morning helps.

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    Getting fuzzy after eating is kickin my butt.

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    don't know what happened to the other 2 options in the poll.

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    I voted occasionally.

    Referring to Chick's statement, if I don't eat in a while, hunger pains will often hit me quickly and I'll start sweating profusely while feeling very sick and weak. I've often wondered if people with SCI experience worse symptoms of hunger or if my blood sugar drops during these times causing this. I don't remember sweating when really hungry as an able-bodied person. I did feel weak though.

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