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    Question Shingles Question

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have shingles and not get a rash? My husbands Dr. said he thinks thats what he has. Still having stinging pain on his back. Has been a couple weeks or longer and still no rash. Was wondering if this was possible.. Thanks

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    It is possible, although unlikely. He could have neuropathic pain from another source as well. Sometimes symptoms such as tingling do show up weeks before the blisters do though. Since he has made this presumptive diagnosis, is he treating him with anti-viral medication to try to stop it?


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    sometimes it may look more like pimples..
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    Shingles question

    He did give him the option and he decided to wait for the pimples as he does have a history of neuoropathy in the family.And has also been told about 5 years ago that they think he may have fam neuoropathy.

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