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Thread: uti with questionable seizure activity

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    seizure related to UTI

    I had an episode the other day which sent me to the ER. It started with my temperature dropping to 88 the night before. By 12p the next day my temp was 95 but I was feeling dizzy and then my lips began to feel tingly and my mouth started to droop. During the next hour my pupils were dilated, I was clenching my teeth and my speech was garbled. Head CT was negative the only thing that was positive was a UTI. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? My physiatrist seems to think it was due to my low body temperature but I think it was the UTI.

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    uti with questionable seizure activity

    Hi..Last Saturday night my temp went down to 88. It usually runs about 93 at night. By Sunday morning after being under about 10 blankets it had come up to 94. While going about my morning routine I was feeling dizzy.. my blood pressure and heart rate were fine and then my lips started to feel tingly and I had a left sided mouth droop. This brought me to the ER where I was still in what appeared to be some seizure pupils were dilated, I was clenching my teeth, my speech was garbled and I don't have any recollection of this. By the time I was out of CT scan I was somewhat coming around. All the ER work up showed was a "whopping" UTI. Which I believe was ecoli bacteria. They did not do a culture and sensitivity but only a urinalysis. They gave me cipro orally and sent me home. My physiatrist seems to think it was due to my temp but I think it has to do with the UTI. Anyone have any experience with this? And how can I prevent this from occuring again?

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    Sorry for the experience you had.That had to be really scarey.
    I had part of that experience, but not the stroke like part.
    I kept falling asleep in my chair and waking up 3-4 hrs later not knowing what happened.
    I didn't feel sick & didn't even know I was laying my chair back or going to sleep.
    I was freezing one evening, packed on about 10 blankets like you.
    I couldn't get warm no matter what.
    They rushed me to ER.
    I had a "staff" infection in my urine.
    3 days in ICU, and 2 weeks in the hospital.

    I hope you get well real soon.
    I'll pray for you.

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    I would also want to know what your other vital signs were. If your blood pressure were also low, this could, in some people, trigger a seizure or a TIA. This does not sound like a seizure. You could have also been experiencing these symptoms due to delirium related to sepsis or abnormal blood electrolytes such as sodium or calcium.

    Had you previously had a brain injury? Ever had a seizure?


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    I have never had a brain injury or seizure. My clotting was tested and is normal. I'm going for an EEG soon to see if therer was any seizure.

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    An EEG will not show if you had a seizure in the past. It will only show if you are having any subclinical seizure activity at the time. What was your blood pressure during this episode?


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    my bp was 80's/50's which is during this time. However, while I was in the ER recovering from this episode my BP was running all over the place from80/50 all the way up to 130's over 80's.

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