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Thread: Honda Element Conversion

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    Honda Element Conversion

    Hi there,
    Who owns a converted Honda Element (Freedom Motors Conversion, in case there are others), how long have you had it for, and have you any coments, good or bad about the conversion and or the company that does the conversions?
    Thanks for your time,

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    I don't have 1, but have strong feelings about them & FMI.
    Their rep brought a model to my house (the same day I called, he happened to be in my area). It was very styley (sp?). I wanted 1, and after seeing it, I REALLY didn't want a minivan. So I waited a few days to hear from their finance guy for a quote (the rep was supposed to arrange this). A week went by and I called, spoke to "Jim" who promised me a quote by email. 2 weeks, no quote. Called "Jim", left a message. A week later, left another message. A week later (I really liked it!) I called "Tim", the rep who came to my house. He said he'd talk to "Jim" and I'd get the quote asap - but they're swamped, so please be patient. 2 months later, not a word.

    Well, for a $50,000 investment, I should at least expect a return phone call. I figure if their customer service is so poor before I even get into it, there will probably be issues later. So I scrapped the idea, and am going with a Sienna and a very reputable, reliable company who've never put me on hold, answered all my questions directly, and came in on a weekend just to fit my schedule.

    Plus, I've been told that you can't find anyone to fix it if it breaks, and part of the Honda warrantee is voided due to the mods.

    Good luck
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    I completely agree w/ alissa. I emailed FMI a billion times about the element--no response Ended up w/ the Sienna and am happy so far. alissa, I think you'll be satisfied w/ your choice. Glad to read your getting behind the wheel again...hope you are doing well

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    alissa - Toyota Sienna right?

    Did you consider either of the Scion models? They seem to be very popular with fairly easy mods.

    Either way, good luck and congrats.

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    are they doing anything to the scion other than rear entry?

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    We are thinking of buying a Sienna and converting it. I have a question. how much did it cost you to do it? thanks

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    Hey Bridget - doing well & looking forward to having a nice warm vehicle to drive - hopefully before it starts raining here in nor-cal. It's already getting too cold to be motoring for miles!!

    Chris - yes, Toyota

    The Scion - I've been told that they're kinda tight. Plus, they remove the back seats, and there'd be nowhere for my doggies to stick their heads out the windows. As it is, the minivan rear windows suck for dogs. Luckily,the Sienna's rear door windows open at least 1/2 way. I'm looking for an after-market window modification to resolve this. Any ideas anyone?
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    Thanks alot all of you.
    Currently I am driving a Ford Van conversion, but was hoping for something a little better on fuel, and the element is just such a neat looking vehicle.
    I went to Battle Creek to see the conversion, first hand, and was very impressed, but of course not everything is perfect. I was hoping to drive from my chair, (aging shoulders), but with the lift on the drivers side, my chair doesn't sit centered with the steering wheel (a little to the right of the steering wheel), and a little short to look over the dash comfortably.
    I can still make it work, by having a passenger side entry, and transfer into the drivers seat (non modified).
    Anyway, since I am from Canada, and have to convert our puny dollars into US, the price goes way up. It might still be worth it, but only if the company stands behind their product and if the product works as well as they say.
    Since I am not in desperate need of a new vehicle yet, I think I will sit on this one, and watch it over the next few years.
    Thank you all again for your input.

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