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Thread: Su Doku keeps brain younger

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    Cool Su Doku keeps brain younger

    Su Doku keeps brain younger
    By Nigel Hawkes
    Scientists prove that puzzles and mental exercise are the way to delay decline
    BRAIN exercises can cut years off the mental age of the over-60s, improving memory and delaying decline, the British Association science festival was told yesterday.

    Cognitive exercises and mental stimulation — such as crossword puzzles and Su Doku — can keep the brain up to 14 years younger, Ian Robertson, of Trinity College Dublin, said.

    “The brain is plastic, shaped by what we do,” he said. “We are all getting healthier and living longer, but the biggest threat as the population ages is to the function of the brain.” NI_MPU('middle');Over-60s who took part in a four-month programme of aerobic exercise — enough to make them breathe harder, and their heart to beat faster — showed improvements in mental abilities. The benefits were esp- ecially marked in the frontal lobes of the brain, which are involved in the ability to organise, make decisions, show initiative, have a sense of humour, pay attention and remember things. Exercise works by generating a chemical that encourages the growth of new brain cells and new brain connections; by increasing serotonin levels, which control mood; and by causing new blood vessels to grow to nourish the brain.,00.html

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    I am hooked Su DoKu puzzles. Finally something that keeps me away from free cell.
    William M.
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