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Thread: Is there such a device?

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    Is there such a device?

    I have Brown-Sequard syndrome - I think I'm designated C6 incomplete.
    I walk with one point cane but have difficulty getting up from chairs, etc.
    I keep dreaming of some kind of chair(?) that would allow me to easily get close to the ground to access lower shelves, wiring under my desk, etc.
    I envision a kind of lift that I could sit on and use some kind of control to lower and raise myself to low seating position - like cross legged for instance.
    Does anyone know if such a device already exists?


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    Like an office chair with an hydraulic lift?

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    Along those lines - but kind of minimal - w/o arms for instance.
    I was thinking of something that would also function in a workshop environment - but I'm interested in hearing of any possibility.

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    Saw this in last months New Mobility mag. I looked at their web site and its not shown there yet, maybe to new. prolly have to call for info if this is what your lookin for. Good luck!

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    Digger - Yes!!

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    If you do call, I'd be curious to know the $$$$.

    My first guess.... $2,400.00... any other guesses ?

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    Couldn't find that on the website - but your price guess seesm in line.
    I found somthing called the "Neptune Bath chair" as well - this looked promising at about $1200. MEant for lowering into bathtub but looks like it could be used elsewhere. I'll keep looking. I'm sure there are more out there.

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    Pic is backpacking Alaska '93. How about 2012?

    Crawlers mechanics use

    I was looking for a low rolling stool, and found some stuff in catalogs/websites that sell things people use to work under cars. Don't know if any have hydraulic height control, but just a thought.

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