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Thread: urine drainage bags

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    urine drainage bags

    What is the easiest way to empty the bag for a person who has limited use of hands? Thanks for any ingfomation

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    Well.... with the limited information that ya gave...

    There is a lever valve made by urocare that should make it easier to drain your bag. I'm going to assume you have the standard un-screw type.


    Hope this helps.


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    Leg bag or bedside bag

    Are you referring to leg bags or a bedside bag? If you are talking about a leg bag, then look for a brand/model that has a lever type emptying device (not twist or clamp). Urocare and Sierra make adaptors for their latex bags (order separately), while both Hollister and Bard make nice vinyl bags with a flip or lever type valve. Of course you must be able to reach the area where you have the empty valve (usually near your ankle). Many people in the community just empty into a convenient flower bed or find a floor drain, unless you have someplace (for men) with urinals that go all the way to the floor (rare in most modern buildings).

    For those who have more limitations and who use a power wheelchair, there are several models of electric leg bag openers that can be used and powered off your wheelchair battery.

    I don't know of any easy to empty bedside drainage bags. Perhaps someone else knows of one.


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    "I don't know of any easy to empty bedside drainage bags. Perhaps someone else knows of one."

    I use the same lever handles made by urocare to replace the clamp on the bag. Just make sure it's secure.

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    I use a twist type release. But in order to reach the toilet I just leave the bottom of the bag unsecured so that I can hang it over the edge of the toilet bowl.

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