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Thread: How do you get your compression socks off

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    How do you get your compression socks off

    Ok I am a C 6/7 three years post with good hands and arm function but I am at my wits end trying to find away to take my knee high compression stockings off with out getting out of my chair. So far it is Socks 3 me 0. The only way I can get them off is to transfer to the bed and then take them off. I use a sock puller to get them on in the morning as I dress in bed. Is there any magic trick to getting these things off while still in a chair. They are no wimpy socks either I think that they are at least 50 psi. Any help or suggestions would be welcome. I just started wearing them hoping they might help with my leaking at night.

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    Could you lift your leg to put it on the edge of the sink or counter in the bathroom? (make sure your leg doesn't slip off the counter though by maybe lightly dampening the skin on your calf with water from the sink). This is how I've been changing dressings on my feet for years - that way I have two hands free.

    Then you have two hands free to unroll the sock off. That's how I get mine on.
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    I don't use them anymore, but they do make them with zippers. Might be a lot easier to get off that way.

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    How is your hip range? Can you put your ankle on your opposite knee? In this position, wearing latex-free exam gloves (or your wheelchair push mitts) you can push the stocking down the leg to the ankle, then pull over the foot, then pull off the foot. Be sure you don't let your leg fall...this is a good way to get a fracture if you have significant osteoporosis.


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    removing compression stockings

    I've found numerous gizmos to get the socks on but nothing to get them off.
    Limited hip range. I can reach just below knee. I live alone. Ideas?

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    Same question here - I can get some of the higher psi stockings on (using one of those plastic sleeve things) but I can barely get them off. And I have full arm function.

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    I went back to wearing them about 15 years ago after doing away with them post rehab. I usually take them off when when I transfer on to bed and get undressed @ night to go to sleep.

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