I am in soo much pain that I can't work more than 10 hours - two 5 hour days a week. I am t-12 & L-2 incomlete- but with extreme neuropathic pain in lower legs and feet. How is every one else I am reading about able to work? I am three years post injury. I can't collect SS benifits because I have a State job that doesn't pay into Social Security- however I use to pay into it but worked at this job for 11 years so I just missed the cut off by a year. I didn't have disability insurance so I need to work to pay the bills.
I want to get more energy back- I am exhausted by 5pm everyday and I am unable to function after that time. The pain really increases at the end of the day. I have two Kids and I want to have more fun in life with them before they get any older. Any suggestions--cures--ideas??