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Thread: Just started Theophylline, but how much?

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    Just started Theophylline, but how much?

    Hi Dr Wise,

    I started theophylline under the care of my doc last week. My question is, what quantity should I be at? I understand that there is no scientific research that has been done to prove that it has any effects, but I'd rather try something than wait.

    My doc and I have agreed to give it a go for four months to see if anything happens. So far, it has only been three days, but I feel like I am seeing some changes in bladder function. I have bladder control, but have to wait until I am somewhat full in order to go. I don't quite know how to explain it, but I feel more in touch with my bladder and do not have to be as full to go.


    Angela and KC

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    Hi Angela, this question may be better suited for the Spinal Nurses to answer in the Care forum. Please look for this post and responses there.


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    A & KC, I am assuming that it is to increased sprouting and plasticity in the spinal cord. This is something that has been tried for people on ventilators but there is no evidence or, to my knowledge, experience with using it to prompt recovery in other systems, particularly the bladder, in humans. So, there is not much data to base any advice on. I will try to look up the protocol that they are recommending for ventilator weaning developed at Wayne State. Wise.

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    Oops, perhaps I should clarify some. I am a T10-11 incomplete para. I toodle around with forearm crutches and wanted to try the theophylline to see if I could get some return to my right leg.

    Hmmm. Have there been any preliminary studies done on incompletes? Should I stop the medication?


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    I am only familiar with this drug used for lung problems. There is a test for blood level, but not sure what would be the recommended level if you do not have breathing problems.

    This is interestingly the drug that was in the classic study done with people with SCI that showed that the slower gastric emptying in those with mid-thoracic level and above lesions resulted in poorer absorption and lower blood levels.


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