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Thread: Group Living Residences

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    Just based on what I read here I see...

    ...a real practical need for group residences of the privately-put-together-kind.
    If I had the ab support, or similar, for a particular region I would create a data base of existing, and would-be homes for matching with a data base of would-be cadidates. Even for independently living sci, it would not surprise me to learn that many would consider sharing their homes if doing so meant relief on their expenses. The majority however, are sci unable to live without caregiving, so they are forced to live in the unhealthy settings of a nursing home, sub-acute, public or private facility. Inasmuch as I confess to be merely speculating, and basically talking out my ass, I implore anybody reading this to plug me into any resource that might offer a better understanding of this topic.

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    Tim, I have had to live with either my Father or Mother for the last 23 years. Now that I want to move back to my home state, on my own it is taking a ton of research much of it disappointing. Some places won't tell me anything until I'm a resident of the county. Gee thanx, how the heck can I plan anything when they won't even divulge what assistance they will help me with.

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    Group Home Icl

    Wow, I am so glad to see someone else talking about this, there is a real necessity for something like this. I've searched all over Indiana and the internet the only place that I have found that comes close is in Florida. My brother is a SCI, he is only 43 years old, he needs some to care for him and /or be there to help him with most everything 24/7. He is currently in a skilled nursing facility and at times I wonder about the skill, anyway it is all geriatric patients except for him. There is virtually no snf that cares for SCI's or similarly disabled people from the ages of 21-55 or 60. Here we have Riley Hospital and facilities associated with them for children or we have nursing homes for geriatric patients. For a 43 year old man to not be with people closer to his age, with similar disabilities that he can communicate his feelings with, he feels like he might as well be dead. I've asked everyone in the medical field and in my personal life if they know of any place, and I haven't been able to find one. Here in Indianapolis we have so many new and wonderful medical facilities being built every year, I would love to see some of these investors recognize the need and care enough to invest in a facility for our SCI's that can give them the quality of specialized care that they need in the home like setting, where they can live with dignity and friendship with their peers. My brother has been in two SNF and in both I would 98.5 % of the nurses and aids have had no idea how to give him the specialized care that he has needed. Not to mention being sensitive to the psychological impact that a SCI has on a person. I'm sorry for the lengthy post I'm still so frustrated with the care that my brother has gotten since his injury, and I can see him and his mind slowly slipping away and I can't stand it, and I don't know what to do.
    had no idea how to give him the specialized care that he has needed

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    for the sake of understanding your brother's housing and personal care needs what is your brother's level of injury?

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    Peglyn, Its a disgrace nationwide IMO! Where is the place in Florida?

    Even the nursing agencies have no clue, they just throw bodies at you.

    Its would take a major movement to change this, we are too few in number with only 250,000 SCI in the whole USA.
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    Norm, you are so right...this is a pressing need, but state legislation often puts unsurmountable obstacles in place for group homes...much less the NIMBY's who don't want such a place in their neighborhood.

    Regardless, there are a few small model programs in the USA, and more in Canada. One that I am familiar with that specializes in group living for folks with SCI on ventilators is here:

    More pressure needs to be put on legislators to enable this type of housing situation...if you can pry their hands off the $$$$ they get in campaign donations from the big nursing home chains to block such attempts....


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