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Thread: Group Living Residences

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    Group Living Residences

    How would I go about locating group homes which are essentially sci patient supported, (usually fully dependent high quad alternate to sub-acute care facilities) with shared health aid workers 24/7?
    I'm in the NY area, and often come across group homes for mentally disabled, but not for the sci.

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    Have you contacted the ILC's?

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    Group Homes or facilty's for SCI[aides/nurses/help], on site could be a good situation.

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    Setting up a GROUP HOME in... region.
    My original was seeking any existing group homes on Long Island.

    Liz321: Could you explain what is ILC's?

    I'm also thinking that if I can acquire a home residence, could I initiate a privately run program. No medicaid bullshit that demands the impossible.
    I'm guessing that they're many of us high quads requiring full care, but are not ready to sell our souls to Medicaid, but also find it unacceptable for some eastern European caregiver make-believe to hold myself and family hostage because we can't afford better under non-covering Medicare.
    Privately, a caregiver can easily cost $3,600/month.
    What if a home is provided, without debt service.
    Say, six patients, $2,000/month each.
    Two caregivers, food, property taxes, utilities, home maintenance.
    Based on family participation in the patient's lives, no government regulations and inspectors to bribe.
    Is it possible?

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    I would definately talk to your ILC. A scenario like you describe would be illegal in my state unless you had licenses nurses 24/7, as the law precludes any group home where skilled care is provided for more than 2 non-family members of the caregiver unless they are a licensed nurse. You may have similar laws in your area. Regardless, you would have to meet some type of licensing requirements, and could face prosecution if you do not follow these.


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    Tim, in order to set up a true 'group' home, yes, I agree w/KLD, you'd need certification, etc.

    However - I know of quads who have pooled their resources, jointly bought a house, and hired 24-7 nurses/aides privately to assist them. My son's urologist's nurse did that for 2 guys, and said it worked very well for all of them.

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    Off Topic message for Tim

    Hi Tim,

    I was unable to PM you and wanted to let you know that I replied to your colostomy question on the care forum. Threads move off the radar pretty fast over there at times and I just wanted to let you know that I had responded to you.

    Take care!

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    HELLO, What exactly is meant by the acronym; ILC?

    Forgive my idiocy on the matter, it ranks up there with my attempt to test out the compression resistance of my c4/5 vertebrae v. that of a pine tree trunk.
    NURSE: While I understand the ramafications of attempting to operate a group home v. certain criteria, I'm less concerned with the applicable legalities. My goal would solely be to create a 'safe haven', if you will, for those disenfranchised by the very same laws, and rules set forth by Medicare/ Medicaid as you reference. I, we, having the distinction of requiring a caregiver, but also having a spouse that is not that caregiver. As such, I cannot qualify for insured caregiving. I'm sure I'm not alone in this unenviable situation, and am merely seeking alternatives.
    So, Nurse: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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    ILC = Independent Living Center.

    And that concludes the Beth's Knowledge part of the program.

    Just want to add that I'm really sorry to see this, Tim. It sucks being backed up against the wall. Good luck.

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    ILC, stands for independant living center.. I think your idea is a great one.. Things like that exist but not many I've come across. I was looking into something similar about 12 years ago while I was living in a long term rehab/nursing facility. I'm fortunate that I got strong enough that I'm on my own now without need of any pca's but I'm 35 and not getting any younger and dont knw if at 50 I'll be able to do what I can now, so that Idea of a group situation is never far from my mind. The govt' red tape is a joke that they would interfere. I don't know what they could do if say 6 "friends" bought a house together and privately hired 2 pca's? Heck call it a new cult and even get benefits from the freedom of religion statues.

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