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    Question ?? RE: Suprapubic Catheter & Urethral Sling

    Has anyone had both of these surgeries done? If so, can you tell me how long recovery took? Do you have any words of advice? Regrets? Would you mind sharing your experience with me? Any words of wisdom from nurses would be appreciated too.

    I have MS and a neurogenic bladder. Two months ago I did a weak chemotherapy treatment (Novantrone) which was supposed to slow my disease progression. Instead, it left me with total loss of bladder control.

    Due to loss of function in my right hand I am unable to self cath. The cost of Depends is about to force me into bankrupcy!

    My urologist at Shepherd is recommending these two outpatient surgeries. I will be seeing another urologist there for a second opinion this week.

    Before I make a final decision, I wanted to hear from others who have had this done. Please tell me I will love it ... I am sooooooooooo sick of wet diapers! Now I know why babies cry when they want their diaper changed! waaaahhhh!
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    A urethral sling is used (primarily for women) to increase the angle between the bladder and urethra, which reduces leakage. It is often used for women who have had children, bladder or uterine prolapse, or long term use of indwelling urethral catheters.

    It should be used very cautiously for women with a neurogenic bladder, as it increases resistance and can cause increased bladder pressures. If combined with a SP catheter, this is less of a concern. Slings can be done with your own muscle, or with artificial material (usually Dacron). It is pelvic surgery, and on women is usually done through either the vagina or through a small suprapubic incision (or both).

    Here is a short article and diagram of the sling procedure:


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