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Thread: Books/Resources for Spouse/Caregiver

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    Question Books/Resources for Spouse/Caregiver

    Do you know of any good books/resources for spouses/caregivers and the effects of chronic disability in a marriage? My middle aged hubby and I want to get some support to avoid burnout. We are still very much in love and want to keep it that way.

    I am a long-term paraplegic, 32 years, and things have been going downhill for me physically for the past few years. I was an independent paraplegic when we married, so it is the complications of the long term disability as opposed to the paraplegia that is problematic for both of us.

    Any ideas you have will be welcomed.


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    The best reading I have found has come from the post in this forum.....

    kinda gives you a reality check, let us know if you find anything.....

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    here are more links

    Thanks for the replies and links! Some folks on Braintalk forums provided these and I pass them along with their blessings:

    Books For Caregivers, About Caregivers, By Caregivers

    Caregiver Information


    Caregiving & Equipment


    Family Caregiving 101

    Information Center for Individuals with Disabilities

    Long-term Care Givers: For Better and For Worse

    National Caregiver Resources

    National Family Caregivers Association

    PN/Paraplegia News: Resources

    Well Spouse Association

    WheelchairNet: Personal Issues

    I was just searching for something on another site and came across a page that has links to resources for caregivers to people in chronic pain. I thought I'd pass it along too:

    Take care all!

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