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Thread: Advise on purchasing new car?

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    Advise on purchasing new car?

    I have a Quickie GT with Xtender wheels (due to a previous shoulder injury). I love it & don't want to switch to manual wheels.

    I am currently in the market for a new car. I can transfer by myself, with full grip in left hand but limited grip in right.

    Does anyone have any idea what type of car I should buy? I would prefer that I can keep the Xtender wheels on the wheelchair (hard to break down) & that the vehicle not be a van.

    I was looking at the Honda Element (
    or Saturn Quad Ion (

    but am open to anything.

    Shawn (

    Remember - Dare to Dream

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    I can't offer advice on either car since I'm a van driver....that whole "soccer mom" thing.

    I would contact both makers and see if they have mobility programs. Some manufacturers offer some pretty decent discounts if you are putting hand controls in a new car.
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    Here is a link to another thread I just remembered discussing car issues. Leif

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    I have a Dodge Magnum (never been a big Chrysler fan) and here is my take:

    1. Level transfer, I only have handcontrols and a use a sliding board
    2. Door opens wide and the seat is pretty close to the door opening
    3. Good bit of room for packing your gear

    Chrysler paid for the handcontrols, but I think all manufacturers have a "mobility" allowance that ranges from $750.00 - $1,000.00 on new vechicles.

    Go to various dealerships and try out what's on the lot, that's what I did. They let me get in a new car and load and unload my wheelchair. I looked at the Element too, but for me the Magnum was better suited to what I do. I have also been happy with the overall quality and reliability of this car.

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    Thxs guys for some awesome answers.

    Schmeky - looks awesome. Going to take a look. Thxs bud.

    Leif - great info. Thxs for the link.

    Jadis - sent you private message. Again thxs.

    Shopping I will go
    Shawn (

    Remember - Dare to Dream

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