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Thread: Going in for Bladder Augmentation Sept 13

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    Going in for Bladder Augmentation Sept 13

    Will go over med sheet, mattress etc.
    PT consult, extra pro-source as
    soon as I can (that can go ng tube can't it?

    Primary Doc is trying to push for Epidoral
    rather than gen anesthes. Is there that much risk?

    Will emphasize I need to stay in hospital until first
    regular BM.

    What else should I be asking at pretest the week before?

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    My Mom asked if I could have a local instead of the general anesthes but the doc said the general was better because it would limit the AD and they could control it better. I have a feeling that was just his preference which I was fine with. The doc needs to feel good about my surgery or I'm not doing it. The other thing is I did not have the aug. just the mitro and it was 9 years ago, things have changed.
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    If it were me, I would prefer an epidural to general anesthesia. But you need to make your own choice and discuss it with the anesthesiologist who is going to do take care of you during the surgery not with the surgeon.

    You can't take anything through the NG tube until your belly "wakes up" after the surgery--the tube is there to get things out so you don't vomit which is a very painful event after abdominal surgery. Be patient. It will only take a few days and then you can get back to your nutrition quickly.

    Otherwise, you pretty much have it covered.


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    Need for augmentation...

    .;..could you explain the circumstances regarding the need for these augmentations?

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    ready or not, at 200 cc's I'm voiding.

    This and I am on
    20 mg of Sancture x2
    5 mg of oxybutin x2
    15 mg of Ditropan XL Morning
    10 mg of Ditropan XL Afternoon

    Also, 30 mg of 4ap x2

    It's time.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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