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Thread: IHSS Pay Rate in Arizona Gilbert, Phoenix Area

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    Smile IHSS Pay Rate in Arizona Gilbert, Phoenix Area

    Hi, does anybody know the hourly pay rate by IHSS in Gilbert, Phoenix Arizona? I currently live in southern California and I was thinking about moving to Gilbert, AZ and would like to know how things work out there in Arizona with IHSS. Thank you!

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    IHSS is a California program for attendant care. They do not have IHSS in AZ. The program in that state is called Access/ALTCS. You can get information here:

    You must already reside in AZ to apply.


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    I work as a Care giver for A.B.I.L., they are considered the highest paying agency. It starts around $9 a hour and based on a contract depends how many hours you are paid for. Maybe we can talk more by E-mail?

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