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Thread: How were you were injured?

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    Question How were you were injured?

    I'm fairly new to the boards and wanted to know how some of you received your injuries.

    Please list your level of injury, complete or incomplete, how long since your SCI, and of course how you were injured.

    Take me for example, I'm a C3-4 complete injured in a motorcycle accident back in January '04 (one year and 8 months ago).
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    C3-C4 complete quad
    since 1/2004
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    t4 complete, freak tug of war accident

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    motorcycle wreck, hit a guardrail head-first, c5,6, complete. next month will be 3 years..

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    C6/7 incomplete, car accident, 2 1/2 years.
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    Hit by car while riding bike
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    T 7/8 inc.,reaching into a tank to scrub a sensor probe, 7months post

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    Yorba Linda, Ca.
    Fell 3 stories at work. Will be 10yrs. monday 9/5/95 T6/7 complete.
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    we were at a barrel race montomery al my horse had never fell but that day he did arthritis got me so doc. say c6 c7 may 28 2pm

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    C6ish, got bumped off a porch while making out with a guy, 1 year 1 month ago.
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