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Thread: Update on treatment

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    Update on treatment

    I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday. My results are pretty confusing to me but from what I see, they still are not good.

    Asked my doctor about the level of my viral count but it was not done so we don't know if was lowered with the treatment. I explained to my doctor that I had stopped doing my treatment about a week ago due to the itching I had. It was also affecting my mood and other things. I felt that I had had it and stopped. Benadryl did nothing to help me, only made me feel very sleepy. I had noticed that the itching was getting worse and my body had a lot of rash with bumps on it. Every single day I would find my clothes stained with blood from where I had scratched. I showed him how my arms are doing better now and he understood. He said that it is a very hard treatment to go through and lots of ppl get out of it too. He also told me something that reminds me of what everyone here can possibly relate too. That this is all they can do at this time. He said that maybe further on we might find a cure or something better to help with this.

    He did ask me if I wanted to just continue on a one shot a week treatment of Intron A and that if I found that I could not continue on with it, I could stop it anytime I wanted. I agreed to it. I hope I can make it.

    The reason they want to keep me with the treatment is also because of a possibility of my liver becoming cancerous with the cirhossis. I understand that it is big possibility since cancer appears to be showing up in my family.

    I think that possibly some of you might question me about my interest in the cure for SCI. I would be so happy to see it happen for all of you. As for myself, I have to fight this virus first so I can be around to get the cure for SCI too. I hope that all of you can understand my feelings.

    I will be sending an e to either the SCI Nurse or Dr. Young to see if they can help me understand my results better because like I said before, I am very confused with them and I wish to understand what all of it means.


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    Deseo lo mejor para ti. Ojalá que los medicos te ayudan, ¡pronto!

    Que te sientas mejor...


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