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Thread: box frame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    damn near, ive had about a dozen of them, lol
    lol..youve just about sold me. i really like the eclipse, i would like a tilite because of the lightweight but theyre a lil pricey to me.

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    what measurements do you need? i know these sites usually have good discounts.

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    thanks..yea abbey had some hellacious deals but theyre too small. good place to keep an eye on though.

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    You should look at Colours Spazz-G. Its a nice frame but it is very economical. However it is not titanium. Why do you want a titanium? Are you lifting into car?

    I took a visit of Colours warehouse and met all the great people and was very impressed. They have great team and many of them are in chairs, so they know what there doing. The best thing about Colours is that anything you want added to your chair, Mike will find a way to do it. Here is link to Spazz-G:

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