Why don't the anti-ESC folks look at the issue in these terms?

If as they feel babies are dying as a result of blastocysts being thrown out at the IVF clinics.......then why not make tissue donation from dying blastocysts ( they cannot remain indefinitely frozen either, without loosing their potential for life) an honorable gift.

(Yesterday I was reminded of this idea by another CC member)

What if we locate a donor family and have them speak about their "gift of life"?

It's an angle that hasn't been used yet.

Baby Gets Vital Organ Donation

After months of waiting, the family of a 19-month-old Coastal Empire baby is getting the gift they've hoped and prayed for. Mason Morgan needs a liver and bowel transplant, and late last night, the family got the word from Miami that a donor was finally available.
As of this report, Mason is several hours into what could be a 20-hour operation to give him a new liver, bowel, stomach and pancreas. And his family, especially his great-grandmother, Lila Johnson, who's waiting by the phone for news in Thunderbolt, couldn't be more excited.

Johnson has been spending all day by the phone, eagerly waiting for news about Mason, who's at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital. He was born with short bowel syndrome, actually missing 90 percent of his bowels. He spent his first five months in neonatal intensive care. Since then, he's been in and out of the hospital all his life, and receiving his nutrition and medication through tubes in his little body.

Now, his family is praying this transplant will change his life. "I'm hopeful, optimistic that's it's going to work and he'll lead a normal life," Johnson said.

The family had only returned home from a doctor's evaluation in Miami Thursday night when the call came an hour later, to turn around and head back to Miami for the operation. "It's a miracle," said Johnson. "It's so sad that another baby had to die, but it was a blessing that they donated the organs so another baby could live."