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Thread: What Will You Do?

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    What Will You Do?

    God forbids it!

    But what will you do in the next couple of years if there is no credible cure on the horizon?

    Just asking, no pessimistic thinking!

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    These questions just make me nuts!

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    Keep living life like I have been for the last 12 years. Except I will be done with school... I hope, our director wants me to come back and get my Ph. D. so I can teach later. No pressure coming from the director of the program.
    The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. ~ Don Juan Matus
    We are Virginia Tech… We must laugh again… No one deserves a tragedy… We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid…We are better than we think and not quit what we want to be…We are the Hokies…We will prevail, we will prevail, we will prevail. We ARE Virginia Tech! ~ Nikki Giovanni

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    Quote Originally Posted by drnader
    God forbids it!

    But what will you do in the next couple of years if there is no credible cure on the horizon?

    Just asking, no pessimistic thinking!
    You just keep on keeping on. Doing all in your power to stay as healthy as do all you can with you life.

    Still never giving up on the possibilities.
    Life isn't about getting thru the storm but learning to dance in the rain.

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    Exactly what im doin now,rollin AGAINST the flow and keepin on keepin on..

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    Wink Save money for this one beauty!

    Just tell me if they won't reach a cure and I know where my money will go!

    PS. Estimated price in Egypt:$ 100.000

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    I just bought one of those, an "06" 530XI...

    What will I do?

    I don't live my life waiting for a cure. I wake up every morning thankful I'm still on top of the grass, that day is a bonus day. Everyday since my injury is a bonus day. By all accounts I wasn't supposed to survive, but I did. My son was 9 months old at the time and I'll never forget the doctor standing 6 inches from me telling my relatives he didn't think I'd live to see my first surgery.

    Through all that I now look at each day as a gift. Even those days I crap my pants. No it's not a gift to crap your pants, but it beats the alternative.

    The best way to describe my perspective is to think of the guy that invented the jet engine at a time when propeller engines were the only known technology. The guy that has the jet engine concept in his head wakes up excited every morning brimming with enthusiasm. This is me.

    I have plans to go on exotic hunting trips with my son. This means I have to take care of myself and stay healthy till he's old enough for such an adventure. I have plans to dramatically change how we get around in our chairs. I have plans to make accident days much easier to deal with and take far less time to clean up from. I have plans to make driving controls that will give me the same control I had before my injury. All these things will take time and are off in my (our) future.

    At times I think god put me in this chair to prevent me from taking over the world...
    "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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    I'm not waiting for the cure. I'm gonna walk. Everyday I try to make something move. I'll not let other people dictate my future. It's mine. I will determine when I am cured. I want to stand on my own 2 legs again. Nothing will get in my way. This chair is the pits. I hate it. I despise it. It so disgusts me, that every morning when I look and see that damn thing, it starts a burn in my mind that fuels my determination to be the first to beat the shit out of it with a sledge hammer. That day will come.

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    Good for you!

    I have followed the pattern of SCI research for three years now. It moves slowly. The application of SCI research moves even slower. I have resigned myself to a life of SCI. The present research into emerging chronic therapies is where acute research was in 1995. Acutes still have no effective applicable therapy to this day. So where does this leave chronic SCI applications? Most likely a decade or two away. All this poo poo about what benefits acutes will translate to chronics is just that, poo poo. Nothing has been shown to validate this statement.

    You just have to make the most of what's left.

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    Quote Schmeky: "I have resigned myself to a life of SCI."

    That's great if you can do that - how do you come to the acceptance that this is it?

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