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Thread: gloves?

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    i used to run foam, they just looked like shit in 2 weeks, so i run plastic black coating now, pita when they get wet though rep
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    i use foam with gloves and its the best combo yet. gloves last longer now also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    pita when they get wet though
    Pita? Your rims turn into a soft greek bread when they get you stuff them beef or chicken before you eat them

    Aly i use the Hatch gloves..ive got some small tears and dents in them but i thought they have stood up will considering how soft they are.Ive had them for a year and they show the wear a little more than the plastic coated but after using them i'll never go back to the plastic...

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    I have the plastic coated and my Hatch gloves have been all shitty. This is my third pair and a weekend in Vegas put two huge holes in them. I found the Hatch to be even worse when they get wet. You can't stop at all!
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    Once in a while, you can find gloves like you are describing at a bicycle shop. They are also cheaper than buying them from a speciality wheelchair shop.


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