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Thread: ''New to Foley,,,,?''

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    ''New to Foley,,,,?''

    Spinal Nurse,

    I normally use an external condom cath, reflex void, and get reflexogenic erections. On Fri/26th I had surgery to remove 2 growths from inside my bladder wall. As part of post-op; I now have a foley/indwelling catheter to relax my bladder as I drink copious amounts of water to flush and prevent infection----for a few days.

    Thus, foley/indwelling cath is unfamiliar[don't know much] to me,,,, it just don't look good---''it's psychological.'' With the foley in, I'm getting erections more and easier than usual; if I just,,, move from one side of bed to other, turn, or touch cath tube. The slightest touch/stimuli causes an almost instant erection----with foley in, it looks,,,,ughhh cringe. When this happens my pecker slides up the cath,,,,, ''Is this ok,,, can anything happen, I don't want to hurt it,,,''

    Thank you,
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    Not to worry. This is normal. Reflex erections can be caused by any genital or pelvic stimulation, and the presence of a urethral catheter is just that.

    Just be sure you wash both your penis and the catheter well once daily (no more often) with soap and water. Be sure you have secured the catheter to your abdomen (preferred or leg to prevent it from being pulled out when you turn or transfer.


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    Hi KLD,,,,

    Thanks for your advice. Although the slightest touch produced an erection, I did wash very gently in the shower, I always want to be clean. ''It's just frikk'n creepy see'g a hard pecker with a tube stick'n out---my mind.''

    Yesterday afternoon[24 hours of clear urine] we/my sis removed the foley. Since then, bladder spasms have decreased but are still lingering. I was taking Ditropan(sp) 3x/day to relax bladder, 'n to help with bladder spasms.

    Now,,,, although the bladder spasms are still present[less severe], I stopped taking the Ditro upon removing foley. My was that I want my void reflex to return/kick in[it has], and that the Ditro would interfere,,,,,? So,,, no Ditro, just deal with the bladder spasms[they are decreasing in frequency and duration],,,,,? Whattya think,,,,?

    Also,,,, yesterday, First day I was up in my chair[went outside--felt so good] first at noon then at supper. I was spitting a lotta junk out.

    Energy levels still low, still feel pretty sore in pubic area, but,,,, I'm coming along .

    Thanks, Freej

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