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Thread: No cure for flaccid bladder?

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    No cure for flaccid bladder?

    I read and try to keep as up-to-date on the info as I can but are there no research groups striving for a cure, just for the bladder? I'm no scientist nor a student of biology .. but really is it that hard?

    The only one I've seen come close is the nerve-bridging thing.

    This is where I'm truly disappointed. A cure for the bladder with sensation and control could cut down on the risk of bladder infections, cancers and therefore, kidney problems. Does this not seem like a priority need to any scientist anywhere?

    It would be a huge accomplishment and would increase the quality of life for those who suffer paralysis, greatly!
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    I agree Lynnifer, In the last few months though I did hear of one group working on just that, if I remember correctly they had a projected time of about ten years. Sometimes I think that a more complete cure will arrive before the peacemail ones. I remember that they said they would have to implant something the size of a credit card to accomplish bladder control.
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    Maybe campaigning the flaccid penis cure people for some money to get more done on other forms of flaccid body parts would be a way to go.
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    There's a researcher at TIRR that's been working on this using peripheral nerves. They were making noise about it last year and wanted to take it to human trials. They also were bloviating about using the technique to restore sexual function as well.

    I've gone back to their site to see if there has been any recent news from them regarding any of this, but there's nothing. It's very apparent we only see press releases when someone has completed a study and they want more money...
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