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Thread: too hard on the rod's in back ?

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    too hard on the rod's in back ?

    i am fused from T3 to T9 and i was wondering can a person from twisting,
    turning, pulling, pushing, reaching, bending, etc. can a person have a rod
    pop out of place. and what actually is holding them in place. i should be
    asking my doctor, but it's the weekend and i'm curious now. thanx

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    my doc sez...

    that after about 6-9 months post surgery, the bone grafts are strong enough to absorb the entire load of body movement. If you are recently recoving from surgery, then you can "throw" a rod.

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    It depends on what type of rods you have. Mine are Harrington Rods and they have a hook on the top and bottom.(I think they're called "distal hooks"). They are also wired around my vertebral column. I have always wondered about having them "pop" out of place and I know that some folks have had them break. I've had mine for almost seven years now and I can twist around a bit but not too far. I can also bend without too much trouble, though my back lets me know when I've done too much!

    From talking to my doctor I found out that they only put them in there to stabilize the spine while the bone graft takes. I'd ask your doctor next time you see him/her.


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    rods popping

    now i am getting scared i am awful to my back not on purpose though. i was told in rehab to bend the knee on the opposite leg to turn the way i need to go for turning. and with cleaning and checking for sores i pull myself up on my side and lean back to check things out in a mirror. i am 8 months post and i have the titanium rods i hope i haven't done damage but if i did don't ya think i would be in real bad pain

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    I had Harrington rods put in about 20 years ago. They broke in two places at the base of it, but I didn't know about it until a routine X-ray was taken and it was discovered. Docs said it's nothing to worry about though if it isn't causing and problems.

    I was recently having trouble with spasms and one of the first things my doctor did in looking for the cause of the spasms was look at my back to make sure there were no rods sticking out. So yeah, it can happen. I think it's pretty rare though.

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    How much do you really trust your surgeon?

    My daughter was injured 11/03/01. The surgeons told us that they had put in Titanium Harrington rods to stabilize her spine. These guys were supposed to be the best Nuerosurgeons for hundreds of miles around. They came highly recommended from several people. On 09/04/02, she had Dr. Kao's surgery. The main reason we decided to have the surgery was to get her spine straightened. When Dr. Kao done his surgery, he discovered that the rods in her back were the reason for her scoliosis. When he removed the rods, her spine went into place without further metal needed. He also discovered that her rods weren't Titanium or Harrington rods. They are stainless steel and were outdated many years ago because of all the problems that they have caused. I still haven't decided what I'm gonna do about the situation. I am really pissed because I trusted them with my child and they lied to me and charged my insurance company for Harrington rods...I don't want to scare anyone but if it weren't for Dr. Kao, my daughter would still be hurting and I would still be telling her that she was going to have to learn to live with it. If you are having pain with the rods that you have there is a reason.......FIND OUT WHY!

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    I am an active person who has lived with several varieties of rods for about 6 years now. I've battled scoliosis and a spinal cord tumor for about 25 years, so this isn't new to me. My first set of rods broke within a year due to incomplete fusion of my spine and from bone infection. The next set (both were titanium with pedicle screws that run from T3-L5) have been perfectly fine. I ride horses, kayak, go handcycling, work full time and am 7 months pregnant with twins. If my rods can survive this punishment, I suspect they'll survive anything!

    Each case is different, though, so if you feel there's something wrong with your back, see your orthopedic surgeon to discuss your fears. But I wouldn't stop being active unless you get information to the contrary from your doctors. Good luck.

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