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Thread: Chupacabra Caught!

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    Smile Chupacabra Caught!

    Wierd. Kinda looks like a wild kangaroo?

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    Ye gads. Unidentified wildlife kinda skeevs me.

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    weird but---

    He kind of just looks like small starved dog with a really bad case of mange. I've cared for dogs that were completely hairless due to mange or other skin condtions. It will be interesting to see what the experts say. Definitely a weird looking creature! I wish there was a pic of what his teeth look like. If you see anything about their determination will you post it? I love a nature mystery.
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    "Another strange animal thought to be the Chupacabra was the Elmendorf Beast, a canine like creature shot in Elmendorf, Texas, in August 2004. Although an initial DNA test proved inconclusive, a second test was performed and determined that the animal was a coyote with mange. Sightings of several animals matching the Elmendorf Beast have been reported in the area. Many are still skeptical over the test results.

    The animal found in Coleman, Texas has been transported to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lab for testing to try and determine it's origins. A spokesman for the TPWD, Tom Harvey, remains skeptical. "If you want my take on it, I think it's a hoax... From the photos I've seen, this could be a White Tailed Deer fawn." Mr.Harvey said he had yet to hear a report from the lab, but hopes to have more information by tomorrow morning. An update will be posted as soon as one is available."

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    Near my home town folks kept reporting seeing a creature that "stood on hind legs like a person, very furry and had the head of a horse"! Someone finally set up a camera (like hunters use) in their field and got a pic of it--it was a bear! Bears have not been in this area for many, many years so I could understand why, at a distance, one might confuse a bear with a furry horse-headed person! I guess they are making a come back.

    Now, I want a chupacabra! I wish someone would catch one alive. I'd be the only woman in my neighborhood with a blood sucking pet! No one would dare trespass on my place then!

    Thanks for the articles Betheny. Those were fun to read.
    "I just want you to know, it was the best time ever." J.F.F.

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    LOL poor Betheny, this totally weirded you out. :P
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    I love this sort of thing,chupacabra,bigfoot and the likes.If i could do it all over again i think cryptozoologist would be my prefered line of endeavour..

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    Just what in the Sam Hill
    is the Jersey Devil doing in Texas???

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    I have one to keep goats out of my yard blood suckers

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    They shot one about a year ago in Pollok,Texas. The location was about 20 miles as the crow flys from my place. It was sick the TPW said and had a mate with itthey tried to trap it but never heard if they had or not. I think it is a muntant animal from Mexico. All the lead and mercury in the water down there.

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