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    Really liking gmail. Can gmail be set it up so that we can receive emails from other accounts to the gmail account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv

    Really liking gmail. Can gmail be set it up so that we can receive emails from other accounts to the gmail account?
    You need to tell your other accounts to forward mail to your gmail account. Wise.

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    Yes Thanks Wise! However, I see it still leaves a copy in the original email mailbox. Any way to eliminate that?

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    I'm not understanding the the whole gmail thing. It seems as if everyone is getting one now and I see them listed on a lot of the blogs. What is the difference or the benefit compared to a regular e-mail account?

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    Mikki, 2GB of storage. If you would like more information or a free gmail account let me know.
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    It also has a very clean and easy-to-use interface. I personally think the Gmail interface beats all of the competition. Though, I hear the new beta version of Yahoo's web mail might give Google a run for their money.

    Another nice feature is that you can send and receive 10MByte files. I think that beats my ISP which I pay for!

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    I had downloaded Google talk. Been trying to log on gmail from home but haven't been able to. However, have been able to other places. Tried tonight, no luck, so tried to get in through Google talk. When clicked on icon, it had another user name (really rude) and same length of my password. It doesnt look good, some idiot hacked me? Hopefully its none of our members or illustrious "guests" who graze here. Deleted pgm, I think my Beta gmail days may be over. So long.

    What are your thoughts on this URL?

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    ok, so after deleting google talk, restart computer, now I can get in to gmail. Looks like gtalk has bugs.

    fyi. leave me alone hacker. really, you clearly need a life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    Yes Thanks Wise! However, I see it still leaves a copy in the original email mailbox. Any way to eliminate that?

    Yes, gmail organizes your email into "threads", almost like a bulletin board. Regarding the privacy issue, many people are worred about it because, like all emails, the information is treated like a database and is accessible to the people who manage the database. There are also concerns that Google does not guarantee that they will not use the information in your email.

    On the other hand, I want to say that people should not be lulled into a false sense of security that any of their email is private. It is not. The PATRIOT Act stripped away all legal protection for the privacy of email. For example, if the FBI wants to see your email, your provider has to hand it over and, according to the PATRIOT Act, they are not even allowed to notify you that they have done that. Although you can encrypt your email, that is a lot of trouble and your intended recipient may not be able to read your email. Anything that your intended recipient can easily read can also be easily read by anybody else who wants to read it.

    So, my recommendation is as follows:
    1. NEVER put private information in any of your email, i.e. such as your bank account password.
    2. NEVER discuss unlawful activities in emails, committed by yourself or others. You may be subpoenaed or the information may be used.
    3. NEVER discuss terrorist activities in emails, even in jest. There are programs in place that screen email for keywords.

    I am not so worried that gmail will use my email for commercial purposes for the following reasons. First, it can't lead to any more junk mail that I actually have. Second, I don't really care whether they know about what I am interested in buying or not buying, as long as I have the choice. Third, I can tell which email address they are getting the information from. For truly private communication, I send handwritten messages via the U.S. Post Office or hand-delivered to people. Direct faxes by private telephone are a little more secure because they still have to go to some trouble to tap your phone but the PATRIOT Act now allows your phone to be tapped with minimal judicial oversight.

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