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Thread: doin away with the pushrim altogether..

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    I'm a C5 quad also and mainly use the tires to push on because it's so much easier to have the grip. I always wondered if it was worth having them on also. I can't see the push bar giving any strength to the rim, just extra weight if you don't use them. Plus they rub on my knuckles and I got some lovely blisters out of the deal. I will probably get rid of mine sooner or later and get some nice grippy tires.

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    Ya know they do make push rims that are like a solid but fairly thin wall of plastic that keep your fingers out of the spokes and allow more surface area to push on. I don't know what they are called, but I'm getting them on my chair before too long and I'm sure they're a lot lighter than the big metal hoop I got on their now. These might be worth it for you to look into, but you may want to hear from someone who has actually used them before.
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    Hey Rollin..

    Guaranteed the day you don't have them, you'll roll through a slimy double coiler, I'll put $20 on it. Cuffs or not......

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64
    one thing i'm still unsure about though....i mentioned to my brother one time about just taking them off cause i couldnt get in the bathroom where i was livin at the time. he had the idea that they also might help keep the rims from warping so easily. would that be a reasonable assumption? or have any of yall heard anything like that?
    I have never heard that and it doesn't seem likely.

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