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    hey jv, so what is your lesion size? if he said 7 cm. and you're not. i think that you have him in a corner. this would be perfect proof that something is not right..... right? i keep reading all these replies and sooo many ppl. are against Lima's procedure now, whereas so many were for it not too long ago.

    i am sorry if this procedure turns out to ultimately not give you back alot....

    prettypixie, i totally agree with you... they should not say never because so much other stuff is going on at the time of injury... when are you due?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff
    when are you due?
    End of November........arrrgghh scary stuff. The pregnancy has been a bit of a nightmare as I had to stop all my meds like straight away, but actually maybe thats a blessing in disguise - maybe I dont need them after all and im imagining the pain! (though i doubt it)

    Thanks for asking

    Anyways sorry to Dr Lima for temporarily hi-jacking his thread, but hey, im excited!

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    okay, well I guess I got what I wanted to hear. Lots of input. I am pretty sure that this is not for me. I actually took a huge step the other day, I stopped taking my 4-ap after about 6 months and feel amazing! My walking is the best its been since injury, and I am running much better as well. Yes, I run. But, I want more, much more. I want to be "normal" again. I know that I should be happy with where I am at, but if I settled, i would have never made it this far. I saw a post from someone on here that said doctors don't tell people they will never walk again. haha, I guess maybe where you were. I was told that I would never walk again. I was told by my doctors, and therapists for 9 weeks. Then I got some movement in my toes. I left the center I was at and went back home, and got a new therapists, and new doctors. After that, it was maybe you might walk again, but it wouldn't be functional. Well, I showed them all wrong.

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    susan, what changed your mind??

    hi susan,

    i dont wish to be difficult but i wanted to understand why you are so negative about dr limas procedure now? this is a quote taken from you at a Science, Technology, and Space Hearing:Adult Stem Cell Research wednesday, July 14 2004 :

    "Only part of my dreams has been attained. But I have come farther than my American doctors ever thought. My most recent MRI took place 5 days ago.
    The doctors were in disbelief at the improvement they saw where my spinal cord had been injured. I have recovered some functional improvement through Dr. Lima's procedure, such as the ability to hold my bladder and at times even void on my own. Sensation has been restored, though it is not completely normal. When concentrating I am now able to contract my thighs slightly; once again, this was also impossible before my surgery in Portugal. "

    i'm asking as i am going for the surgery early next year and am tryingv to find out as much as possible before i go. please dont take offense at my questioning, i just need to know.

    thank you


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    Here I am...the "desperate & hopefull man!"

    Wow...what a day. I get to read some of the scorned Lima surgery patients. Let me define a word that you Joy and you Susan have become unfamiliar with:-

    Optimism, the opposite of pessimism, is a lifeview where one looks upon the world as a positive place. Optimists generally believe that people are inherently good. They have a "positive" outlook on life, believing that given time, things will work out in the end. A common example used to illustrate optimism is this question: given a glass that has been filled halfway, is it half filled, or half empty?

    Maybe, post surgery I will become a member of your fraternity. The scorned, the pessimistic, the tired of trying. But I doubt it.

    Time for a Mastercard metaphor

    Flight to Lisbon...............................$2,400

    Hotel ............................................$1,000

    Mucosa Cell Surgery ........................$50,000

    Taking a dump without a finger in my ass......priceless

    Not having to empty my bladder before sex....priceless

    Moving my fingers.....................................pricel ess

    Moving any lost areas from chest down.........priceless

    Starting to get the gist yet? If not...

    Having a better quality of life, whatever that is....priceless

    So, I am desperate huh? Not really. I am an optomistic man who is about to embark on a life-altering, unproven, untrusted surgery that could possibly change my life and the life of those around me. For better or worse or not at all. But at least I'm trying.
    I've had enough pessimism for one day.


    Jeremy Drover

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    Cool, I love dictionary quotes.

    Who wants to look up lemming?

    Jeromy, have you found any news of "I can walk now" that we missed from the 50 odd people that had this done so far?

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    Please ignore my last messege, born of anger


    I've decided to argue my point from now on rather than make an ignorant responses, such as the one I made yesterday. It was uncalled for and offensive. I did not know the situations and the personal reasons for their thinking. It is everyone's right to voice their opinions, correct? I apologise to Joy and Susan, sincerely I do. I respect your opinions and thank you for them because it is information that I need.
    I was searching for all the information that I could gather about Dr. Lima's surgery and I came across my own name in this chat forum, needless to say, I was curious. So I entered the site, became a member and read everything I could. I was surprised that so many people were negating the surgery that I am about to get, and it mad me angry and malicious. That is really not like me. I'm pretty unflappable.
    I know that their are risks, possible complicatons and some pretty scary things that could happen to me, and if I think long enough about them, it makes me question my judgement.
    But I also think about the little things, anything positive really and these things are enough to make me think that money is no object. Moving my fingers so I could play guitar with my dad. That would be worth it. I don't care if Dr. Lima charges too much for a surgery that is unproven and untrusted. As long as there is an upside, and there is, so it's justified to me in that respect.
    The fellow that did the article on me for the Bermuda Sun (found on page one of this forum) pretty much sensationalized the entire article for a better story. He took alot of what I had said out of context and actually changed some of my quotes! I wasn't impressed. When I personally think of walking, to me, it could be assisted, with braces, basically anything vertical. I don't expect to walk, if I did I would be kidding myself. But I do expect something better than my physical state at the moment. That isn't unrealistic is it? Percentages are in my favor, although Lima doesn't publish his results, which bothers and concerns me.
    Calling me a lemming is an opinion, but it would be the same as calling a soldier who has just joined the army, not for the combat, but for the chance to go to college a lemming. I'm not doing it because it is a fad. I am just looking for a shred of independence in a sea of dependace, humiliation and pain.

    Sorry again for the ignorance above, it won't happen again.

    Jeremy Drover

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    All that's being said here, from what I can tell, is that no one has experienced the level of return you're seeking and anticipating. I wish you the best, but just make sure you're making a well-educated decision.

    When you say that percentages are in your favor, where are you pulling the statistics from?

    Also, be aware that the $50k that you quote above is over $20k more than what others paid. If I'm not mistaken, I think Susan ended up paying right around $30k for everything.


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    FYI Dr. Peduzzi Nelson's comments 2004 & 2005

    Ask around, call your doctors and then make up your mind.

    QUOTE=EAA]EVE2005, I met Erica in San Diego 2003 and prior to her surgery she had some hand function and was able to feed herself. I also know that she was and assume is still getting very aggressive PT. All and any recovery is from Erica's hard work and the nature of her particular injury.

    I to , like Susan can not understand why after 45 plus unsuccessful surgeries they are still doing the same thing. If I remember correctly RIM was originally found charging double the cost of Dr. Lima's operation and was reprimanded and subsequently returned some of the over charge to the patients. I personally was advised by Dr. Lima's research doctor ( Dr. Peduzzi Nelson) that had been and still is providing the animal data to support a FDA trial. Dr. Peduzzi told me just prior to my scheduled surgery that the animal data did not support the surgery at this time. Dr. Lima and Dr. Peduzzi both later that week suggested that more combination animal testing was in order and that the doctors both feared that perhaps the placebo effect was working a little too well and that these driven individuals wanted to believe. I was told that the current operation was in the words of Dr. Peduzzi Nelson " no better than peanut butter". We elected to forgo the operation and donated the estimated cost of the procedure $50,000 to both Dr. Lima and Peduzzi to continue further animal studies to improve his treatment. As of todays date I have not heard wether any of the new combination tests showed any substantial improvement.

    The only feed back was a call from Dr. Peduzzi when she told me that two or more of the combinations were getting slightly better results, however I do not think that any of this new data is being incorporated into Dr. Lima's surgery.

    I sincerely hope our small donation was able to help in Dr. Lima's quest for a better cure., however after all this time with only very limited improvement we must advise all patients that are considering the surgery to review the animal data and please speak to your own doctors.[/QUOTE]

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