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Thread: Who wears short shorts?

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    Who wears short shorts?

    I am a t12 para. In rehab I was taught not to wear any undershorts; They create to many wrinkles.
    It has been suggested that I wear cotton boxer shorts as they would be better on my skin. What are the opinions here?
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    Hi Jim. I wear cotton boxer briefs. They fit snug so you get support (important during transfers) and there is less of a prob w/excess fabric bunching up.

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    Cotton boxer-briefs for me. Sometimes commando.

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    Wink Shorts

    I was taught in rehab to forget em! For biunching, wrinkle and preser sore reasons. Now,having said that their is a really good compay that sells stuff just for SCI people. I have jeans on order, shorts everything. They have no seams and are raised in the back 8 inches so they fit right when in a chair. Totally designed or people in chairs. The jeans with fleece are really good for winter. The German guy who owns the company is in a chair. This stufff is the best I have seen and he thought of everything. Check it out! Thanks, Mikey
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion
    Sometimes commando.

    Commando is quite nice & convenient...
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    I've always worn cotton briefs.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    why bother with them? commando is the way to go! lol

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    If I do not wear something when I transfer my pants twist around. They're usually just something small and lacey more decorative than anything else.
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