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Thread: changing bowel program to every other day

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    changing bowel program to every other day

    I currently do my bowel program every day. I'm interested in changing over to every other day, just so I could spend a little less time in the bathroom, and also get to sleep in a little. For those of you who have done this, how has it gone? Did it take a while to get your body used to it? Did you have accidents while changing over? Do you have more accidents now than you did previously?

    Right now, it usually takes about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes every day. I do not use any laxatives, softeners or suppositories (just dig stim), and there's usually something right there waiting for me when I start each morning. I eat and have a cup of coffee about 1/2 hour or so before I begin.

    Prior to my injury, I went every morning. Which is why I originally chose to do my BP every day. Would it be safer to stick with this?

    How would I start? Just don't go one day and hope for the best?

    Thanks for the help,
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    biker dave

    Before my colstomy i had to go every day or I got very toxic feeling and sick. I tried to go to every other da... but I felt lie I would die. Hopefully you have better luck. Oh yeah... you and I have alot in common I think. A very rare 2 stroke 500cc GP replica bike put me in this chair! Love those bikes but their bite is nasty!

    "Cant we get 1 do over"
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike bauer
    you and I have alot in common I think. A very rare 2 stroke 500cc GP replica bike put me in this chair! Love those bikes but their bite is nasty!
    Alas, I was put into this chair by a bee... a bald-faced hornet, actually. I was up on a ladder, nailing in a board. I heard the buzzing and the next thing I knew, they came after me. In truth, I only saw one, but it went straight for my face and looked to be about the size of a cow by the time I saw it. I went back off the ladder, and the rest is history. People always ask me if I got stung. I tell them that by the time the bees knew what was going on, I was two and half stories away...

    The "biker"dave is because I used to do a lot of cycling, but I'm sure if given enough time, I would have graduated to something faster.
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    You sound like a good candidate to try every other day bowel care. Rules of thumb for this include:

    • Current bowel program is effective and rarely has accidents
    • Bowel care takes less than 1 hour
    • Stool is not hard
    I also tend to look for a pattern of having a large stool, then a medium to small stool, then a large stool, etc. on an every day program as an indicator that the person could at least consider this.

    During the transition, you might have an accident or two, so be prepared. If you have accidents every time you skip bowel care, your body is telling you it needs to stay on a daily program, but give it a good 2 week trial before you give up. If you have AD on the days between, this is also an indicator that you need to go more often.

    There is no medical reason you need to go daily, but we do discourage folks from going less often than 3X weekly, as this is associated with more long-term bowel problems (from research).


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    When I was in rehab it was the norm to start people off on an every-other-day bowel program. Unfortunately for me, I need to do it daily.
    Before my injury, however, I was very irregular, and frequently went for a few days without a bowel movement (it didn't make me feel ill).

    I have tried switching to every two days, but I always have accidents. I therfore always at least attempt to go every day, although some days I could probably miss - I just never know which ones!

    An added complication is that if I have an accident, I get AD, although as you have a T9 injury, it's probably not a concern.

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    I also switched about three months ago from everyday to every other day. I had been doing it every day for 8.5 years! All I can say is this is one of the best moves I've ever made! Now, I'm just careful to not eat too much the day before a short morning (no BP). I have so much more time, it's incredible! Also, I haven't had any bowel accidents yet. Just make sure you are totally done on the days you do have a BP.

    Good luck.

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