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Thread: Kristi,,,,??

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    Does anyone know how Kristi's surgery went,,,,, is she ok,,,,
    Carrie, how is she,,,,

    Krysti, if ya read this from the hospital,,, hope everything went ok 'n your recovery goes well.

    B/good Cowgirl,,,, giddyup .


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    She was in chat last night. She's doing good, although she had to be in ICU for a while because her blood pressure was low after surgery. But now, she's recovering & will be good as new soon.
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    I thought I would post from the hospital sooner than this. The first three days in I didn't sleep at all and then the last three days I can't stay awake. Time goes by faster when ya are sleeping anyways. I am on the pain medicine Fentnal (sp) and get to push the little button whenever I need it. They say I am not using it very much. Well, DUH...if I'm sleeping how am I going to push it?? The tube down my nose, not high on my list, but tolerable. Hoping it comes out Monday.

    Surgery went perfect. Was out in 5.5 hours, but ended up in the recovery room for over 6 as they could not get my blood pressure stabilized. They administered a few drugs to me to stabilize it, but the minute they would take me off them it would fall fast. The only place in the hospital that monitors BP meds is ICU. So up there I went. Let me tell ya, there are some HOT docs up there and this guy who had to draw my blood....oh la la. He had to come back twice and his name was Chad. Didn't have the camera by me damit!!

    Ya should SEE the massive bruises on my arms. I have had a port since 2001 for the reason I am a hard poke, my veins are small and they roll. When I checked in doc on call didn't want to use it. He lost that battle with me. In OR they had to give me an IV, but waited til I was under. Also in ICU they had to start an Artery line. They tried y times in my right arm, a few times in my feet, and then FINALLY got one in my left arm. Talk about torture. I was never afraid of needles, but I'm getting to the point I am. Both arms look like they were run over by a car. Lee Ann, my nurse in ICU took pics. Post them sometime.

    Got injected with 10mg of Valium last night instead of two so ended up having to be monitored all night. That was way trippy feeling.

    Tube may come out tomorrow. That’s the test to see how I do. Lets hope I do. Getting sick of that damn thing.

    FREEJ and Raven…how are you doing?? So sweet of FREEJ to think of me right before he goes in.

    Disclaimer: I am on Valium and Fentnal so none of this may not make any sense. My head is way up in the clouds.
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    hey K. you are comimg in clear.. sounds like you are in great spirits considering all that you have been thru. there is no doubt in my mind that you are checking out the guys.. have you been smooching with anyone yet? don't let me down, lol.

    hope you enjoyed the card and it brought a smile to your face. thinking of you and have a speedy recovery. jeffers

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    Smile kristi

    hi i am glad your getting better. push that button girl lol. and no camera i am in shock. just get better we miss you love anty
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Kristi,,,,, I'm glad all went safe 'n well with your procedure. Nowwww Cowgirl,,,,, c'mon,,, did 'ya think Freej would forget you . Krysti,,,,,, take your time recovering; I think ''Marvin Gaye'' wrote a song about ''healing'',,,,,,uhhhh,,,,maybe,,,,, .


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    Where Kristi is for surgery

    Hi Every one

    Please let me know where Kristi has gone for surgery? I wish her best of luck. May God give her best of health soon.



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    I am going home TOMORROW!!! A lot sooner than anyone expected including the docs. I was suprised when Dr. Husseman and Dr. Banahadi came and said if ya can eat normal food today you can go home tomorrow. Thought I was DREAMING!! I feel great!! Bummed they took my pain medication button away. Was sort of having a little bit of fun with that last night knowing it WAS going away.

    FREEJ...I'll be saddling up pretty soon. So get ready!!!
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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