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Thread: Las Vegas

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    Las Vegas

    My son, 23, has been a C-6 quad for the past three years. Vacation planning has not been easy, but I can say that our trip to Las Vegas last month was worth it.

    We stayed at Caesar's, and the bathroom (his main concern) not only met his needs, it was luxorious as well. I had called ahead for measurements to be sure that the rehab shower chair would back over the toilet (it did), and that the roll-in shower would accommodate the rehab chair (it did as well).

    Since we were traveling from the Northeast, I needed to rent a rehab shower chair. Caesar's gave me the name of a medical supply company, Desert Medical, and they delivered the chair to the hotel. The chair happened to be the exact one my son uses at home, and was brand new (clean).

    We all had a great time, and the only disappointment my son had was not being able to get into the pool. He sat in the sun and sprayed himself with water to stay cool. He likes to play cards, and everything was accessible to him. He was able to go to visit the other hotels in the area easily. The section of town where we stayed was very wheel chair friendly. I would recommend a trip to Las Vegas any time!

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    Thanks for the post about Vegas. A friend and I are going in the spring of '06. I've been doing tons of online research, and find that lots is listed as accessible, but as we all known, that can be debateable. Did you take the Monorail at all? It is supposed to be w/c accessible, but was wondering from a personal view point. And what about taxis on the strip? Did you use them, or pre arranged transport? Any further hints or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Vegas is very accesible. The Monorail is very accessible. I was there in May and had a great time. I saw quite a few accesible minivan taxis with ramps. I rented a van from Wheelchair Getaways.

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    Thanks Brad...good to hear that the services live up to whats advertised on the web sites! I 'm so jazzed
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    Vegas fun n all etc, but the cobblestones on the strip sidewalks drive my spasms n feeling in my legs nuts! Anyone else have this issue?

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    Despite often having temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, I think Las Vegas is the coolest place in the US to visit. I'm going for my 5th time next month. This is a very good site that will tell you about everything you need to know....well almost.
    Also, here is a link to some HP info;Vegas HP info

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    ok who can get best price okc to vegas 5night all inclusive $5.00 reward

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    LOL..I like your thinking about the best price for 5 nights all upcoming trip is going to be a marathon...Vegas and driving to Yosemite! We are nights in each place. I know 3 nights in Vega won't be enough...just another reason to return! Gosh, all this talk about Vegas, we'll have a convention there from this site alone!
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    Yes, the monorail is wc-accessible but to be honest the stations are very far apart -- in some cases it may be easier to walk/roll than to take the monorail (the placement of the stations was all very political)

    And there are a number of properties in Las Vegas that do have pool lifts (Caesars is not one of them) -- including Treasure Island. So you need to ask that question before you book.

    It's a favorite destination for our readers, so we do a lot of research on it -- i encourage all visitors to do the same

    Here's a link to an article about it from a local newspaper.

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    Thanks for the information, Candy..and great article, too. Good to know Treasure Island has a pool lift, we are planning on staying there or the Mirage, depends on room rates/deals when ready to book. Anybody have any personal experiences in booking W/C accessiable room via Travelocity? Would be interested to hear your stories, good or bad.
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