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Thread: Bought a new truck!

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    Bought a new truck!

    I bought a new truck and just got the hand controls installed. I am waiting for a "glide-n-go" to be built so I can have it installed on the driver's side. It's so fun to drive and I feel so comfortable. I will post more pictures as the conversions are done.

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    Denali's are soooo nice. It's blingin' too. Lookie at that shiny grill and those wheels.
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    Congrats! Beautiful truck ya got there

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    that's a sick lookin' truck!! how do you get in and out, how do you get your wheelchair in an out?

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    While I am waiting for the "glide n go" to be installed I use my slideboard, the arm rest, and a friend to boost me into the driver's seat. I have abandoned the hope of putting the wheelchair into the truck by myself. There are few places I will ever go alone. In the event I change my mind, I talked to an auto customizer who said I could put a suicide door on the driver's side rear door and have a lift put the chair in.

    Right now...11 months post..I'm not exactly sure what I really need. So I am winging it......about the only thing I do know.....I DON"T WANT TO DRIVE A VAN !

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    mnorth - congrats, beautiful truck.

    Yes, you could actually gull-wing the driver side passenger door and put in a Bruno, short version, Out-Rider which would allow you wc storage and the ability to go everywhere alone.

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    Nice lookin truck mnorth purdy sweet alright...have fun!

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