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Thread: looking for a caregiver

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    looking for a caregiver

    Don't know if this is o.k. but here I go...I'm looking for a caregiver in the Orlando area. Mother is an incomplete quad. who recently has been improving dramatically (using a walker). Will exchange room in a nice home plus discuss $. At this time she seems to be in a transitional period of her movement abilities and we have hopes for the best...While she requires a fair amount of support now her goal is to only need help 2-4 hours a day. Prefer a strong,dependable woman, non- smoker, positive attitude. Duties might include transfers,showers,urinary and bowel care (may become more independent),light house keeping. I know you're out there!

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    Dina, you have the start of a good ad here, but you are unlikely to find a PCA on this forum. Many people who work as PCAs are not on-line. I would suggest that you post this ad (or something like it) on community bulletin boards, boards at hospitals and nursing homes, at the job office for local colleges and universities, at the unemployement office, and run it in the Penny Saver. Also contact the local agency on aging and the local ILC to see if they have referral bases of people who do this type of work. Good luck!


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