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Thread: Can you use the 'regular' public transit in your city?

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    Can you use the 'regular' public transit in your city?

    Just curious, seeing everyone complain about the gas prices, if I'm the only one who takes mass transit (not paratransit) regularly? If you don't, why not?

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    Grrr, I tried to make this a poll but screwed up. Obviously some places don't have accessible transit, or any transit at all.

    Where I live, about 75% of the transit system is accessible and I use it regularly, we only use the van to get groceries etc. or if I'm trying to go somewhere that will take me over an hour on the bus. It sucks in the winter sometimes, especially when I have to get to the bus at 8 am and no ones shoveled the sidewalk yet but this year my husbad will be dropping my daughter off at daycare and dropping me off at the light rail transit. from there its 20 minutes to University.

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    Windsor just acquired some accessible buses within the last five years.

    The public service sucks though in that it doesn't go near far enough for me to take to work (city encroaching on small town) and it doesn't run in most places 24/7.

    I only took the bus once more than twenty years ago when I walked and was a kid. I remember being excited. I've been dying to try it again (can we say sheltered life? ... aiy carumba).

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    Local bus isn't wc accessible, no trains.

    I have to drive to Manhattan 2days a week. Only 25 miles away but I sit in an hour and a half traffic..

    Paratransit does not cross county lines. I need to drive 125 miles round trip some days for work at .32 cents a mile reimbursement I'll be working from home alot more.

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    Lately I've been known to be riding the bus!!

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    Weve got a few W/C accessible buses in the city now.I use them from time to time if ive got a lot of running around to do downtown,but living in the rural 10kms out of the city i have to drive in anyways,so my van is always around..

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    Our buses are accessible, but our city is so spread out that it is VERY inefficient to take the bus. For example, I live 14 miles from work, and I can drive it in 20 minutes. If I were to take the bus, it would take me over 2 hours. I'm not in a chair, so you would have to add the time to get me loaded and unloaded if I were. I understand why few people in our community who are employed take the bus!


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    Our local buses are accessible by an eextended ramp at the front door. This does not work well if you use a powerchairr. The manuveuring is horrific. Then once in the center aisle has everyone facing in and theyall have to lift feet off the ground and turn sideways (not cool for gals in short skirts). Then yyou have to turn arround and there is one push down brake once your left rear wheel is locked in place. No other straps or second rear lock. So with every corrner you swing a lot. I stick to paratransit when necessary.

    Our area does have a Connect-A-Ride between counties but it would take hours to cross the 2 counties to DC or Baltimore from here. And in each case that second county is all of about a 2 minute ride. Why can't they work on a grid in this area like counties elsewhere?
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    Most of you guys and girls in USA,Canada and other Countries must feel lucky,here in Mexico we don't have accessible public transportation,only in Mexico City there are a few buses adapted but the waiting time for them can be more than an hour!

    I only can go out if someone in my home gives me a ride

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    Wow, our bus system sounds great! Our buses also have a ramp that folds out from the front door, the corner to the aisle can't be too bad because I see people in scooters on the bus. The front seats fold up and I back in...I don't tie myself in because it takes to long, I only ever slide around if my tires and the floor is wet. Sometimes in the winter the ramp freezes down but the driver can usually kick it loose.

    The LRT (subway) here has one accessible door (a special button lowers the sill to be even with the platform) - it gets pretty crowded at peak hours but I try not to travel then. Even worse it when school gets out, I refuse to travel between 2-4 because those teenagers are so irritating and ruder than anyone else.

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