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Thread: this forum gets the most views. So can anybody help me find a smaller power chair

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    this forum gets the most views. So can anybody help me find a smaller power chair

    I know this isn't the forum to have this type of discussion, but I tried posting this question in other forums, but they don't get enough views.

    So anyways, I was wondering if anybody knew of any power chairs that were smaller then the Per-mobil I am currently using right now.

    I want to get a much smaller one for when I go to the restaurants, movies, school. I feel very awkward and out of place when I'm in this big chair. I need something smaller

    Any suggestions


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    Hi Dann,
    My husband has a jazzy 1113 ATS power chair which seems pretty good in tight places. The only modification is he had a custom footplate built that is one piece and doesn't stick out as far in front. I also took a hacksaw to the handles in the back (for emergency pushing)and the part of the headrest that slides and is adjustable. They stuck way far out so he had problems going around doorways with it hitting. No problem now.
    editing to add...
    He has a rehab model. It comes available with full tilt and a different seat and back.

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    The most "compact" power chairs I've found are the Quickie P200 and P222. Low seat-to-floor height, contoured hangers and an angled front end that rivals my manual chair (85 degrees).

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    I think powerchairs qualify as equipment.

    I don't know anything about the permobil but I was looking at those little tdx mid wheel drive things. I was thinking of getting it without the power seating also. That would definitely be smaller than my rear wheel drive quickie 646

    or just going with power assist wheels on the manual

    Brian C5

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