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Thread: I fell out of an airplane today

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    I fell out of an airplane today

    Let's see...I have been dealing with SCI-Step lately. I'm buying some of those SCI ribbon magnets. Apparently I got put on Michele's email list.

    We have been contacted by our friend Keith Theobald, a fellow SCI. He is an incredible person who not only suffered an SCI but lost his sight as well. He is very active and loves to skydive! Yep, skydive!! Anyway, his brother-in-law owns a skydiving facility about an hour from here and has opened up the opportunity for a group outing this Saturday, August 20th... Keith will cover the cost of anyone paralyzed as well!!

    I have been wanting to do this for about 11 years now, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. The next step was to find someone to go with me, cause I still don't have a vehicle. Finally I got a confirmation late Friday. A three and a half hour drive later we were there. There were 15 or so SCIs there ready to fall out of an airplane. It was nice to meet more people in chairs again. It started to pour and thunder, I thought that the day was going to be a wash, but it only lasted 30 minutes and then cleared up beautifully. They were very accommodating. Four of five people lifted me into the plane, then lifted me into my seat. The harness was much tighter than I would have ever imagined. They strapped my legs together and hooked that strap to my chest harnesses to keep my legs up. My jump instructor did a crab crawl to the door with me attached to his front. We were moving to the door to sit on the edge and my left leg got bent out sideways and got stuck. I thought we were going to break it off. Finally we got it and sat at the door with our legs hanging out for a second, then "Let's Go!" Free fall for 60 seconds at 120 mph. I kept looking around, trying to check out the horizon It was the longest 60 seconds. The chute opening kinda hurt, Yank. We were floating. It took fore ever to float down, but it was so peaceful. It would have been one of the most beautiful times in my life except I was distracted by the harness cutting into my lower region. It was an awsome feeling none the less. We took a big right turn and the G force was interesting. For some reason I didn't expect it. The only part of the jump that I was worried about was the landing. I had watched a couple of people come in kinda hard earlier. The guy said that I had nothing to worry about and if nothing else he would just pull me onto his lap at the end so I wouldn't even touch the ground. I guess he forgot. The landing wasn't horribe , but it wasn't very pleasant either. Not being able to move your legs your legs makes quite a difference. When we landed my legs scrunched up under me and my left leg chicken winged out tweaking my ligaments on the inside of my knee. I thought that I had broken it off. I grabbed it, no protruding or dislocated bones. It straightened out ok, so shouldn't be too serious. Four or five guys came out, met me with my chair, unhooked the harness, picked me up, put me in my chair, and wheelied me back to the building. It was a one of a kind experience and I thank Keith and Skydive Greensberg ( very much. I am so glad that I went. I have the video to show my family and friends and two rolls of film. When I get them back I will hook up the scanner and post some of the pics. I can't wait.

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    Wow, that sounds fantastic. I would love to join ya, but I don't think I can get a ride quite that far. I'll bet you got some really incredible footage from an event like that, you should get one of the photos blown up to make a poster that covers an entire wall of your house, or maybe the ceiling of your bedroom for happy dreams.
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    Joe, I never could understand why people want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!!!!

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    You know, that's a good way to break your neck.

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    Congrats dude! This is something I always meant to do, pre or post. That's *got* to be a rush. Your landing description is what I've always wondered about too, seems like it would be real easy to mess up your legs. Glad you had fun, post some pics.
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    Bravo Joe! Good for you man..

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    Keith is a great guy isn't he! Glad you had fun JPLW

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge
    Joe, I never could understand why people want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!!!!
    ditto that........ post gimp anyway
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    Liz- I'm so bad with names. Did I meet you there? There weren't many women there. Maybe you were the one next to me in the big pic.

    Doug and Cspine- I figure that if I wanted to do it before my injury, why not still do it?

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