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Thread: Portable Wheelchair Ramp Recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    I bought 2 ATV ramps for ~$90 from Tractor Supply Company. They work great & support around 800 lbs, although they require a little more caution during use b/c they don't have rails.
    This idea looks like a great money saver but they don't look to safe in the dark or after a few drinks. I bought a roll up ramp, rolls up to take very little space, store mine under the drivers seat in my van but it requires way to much work to set up, would not recommend it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian S
    I ordered a set of the 10 foot telescoping ramps from Discount Ramps. The cost was $299 with free shipping. I tried them out with my Permobil Chairman 2K wheelchair with the full 10 foot extension. I had my doubts as to whether or not they would support the weight (approximately 450 pounds), but they did just fine. The tricky part of these two-piece ramps is determining how far apart they should be set. With my chair, I've only got about a 1.5" margin of error. My wife is going to cut a piece of wood to use as a measuring guide when we set up the ramps. Getting up and down the ramps requires some pretty accurate maneuvering. The rails on each side of the ramps prevent the chair from falling off.

    So, I wouldn't recommend these for everyday use. But, if you occasionally need a set of ramps, these are economical, lightweight, and easy to carry.
    Cleaver idea for a ramp. I'm surprised they didn't include some kind of adjustable spacer that you could set once & forget. It seems an obvious need with a simple solution.

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