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    Exclamation IC timing...

    I am 16 years old and I am planning to take a full schedule of classes (for the first time since my SCI) at school this semester. There is only one easily accessible handicap bathroom at my school. I can't figure out when I would have time to IC without being obvious about it. Anyone had this problem before??? If so could you offer some advice please?
    I am a T-10 and I can IC myself just fine.... my only problem is time.
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    Does your school have a nurse's office? They normally come equipped with screens. Zoom in, cath using one of the self contained kits and zoom right back out. Might also ask if you can keep a change of jeans and whatever in there.
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    Have you learned to cath in your chair? This saves a lot of time.

    Do you have an IEP (you should)? This should have included a plan for getting you excused from class early if needed to get to a bathroom to do your caths. Often the nurse's office is offered as a place that is more private than a girls bathroom in a high school! If not, ask your parents about getting the IEP done, or revised.


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    I agree with KLD, if you do not yet have an IEP under the 504 laws, consider getting one. In high school, I went in between two of my classes at the same time every day leaving a little late for one and getting in a little late for the other. The teachers also knew if I needed to leave to go cath it was no big deal. In high school I kept a pair of clothes at school like suggested above. I was given a key to one of the bathrooms they usually kept locked so that I had privacy, being a quad made it very difficult to cath. Now that I have the mitro it's quick and easy. As a college student I have my accommodation set up the same way, I very seldom have to leave class because I cath before I go, but just encase its written into my plan. My teachers have all been cool about everything. Everybody has to pee so I wouldn't worry about being obvious about it.
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