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Thread: Stem Cells Can Improve Lives

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    Stem Cells Can Improve Lives

    Local News
    Stem cells can improve lives

    To the editor:

    I consider myself a very conservative sort of fellow. It has come to my attention that there are a few different types of stem cell research: some that use live cells and some that do not.

    For my fellow "conservative Christians" out there who cringe when you hear the words "stem cell," I would suggest doing a little research before jeopardizing a person's chances of walking again. I still research the facts every day and do not claim to be an expert.

    The story of Jim Chaney on July 18 ("Paralysis molds man's viewpoint on research") is only one example of a young person whose goals and dreams in life have been changed because of an injury. There are stories like this all over the world.

    Put yourself in the position of the Chaney family. Question your morals and your God.

    I offer you this conversation I had with my God as an example:

    "God," I said.

    "Yes, Kris," says God.

    Then I ask him, "What is the moral thing to do on all this stem cell debate?"

    He then helps me come to a decision and somehow talked me into writing this letter.

    I wish I could say it is easy to come to a conclusion on this matter. I still think about it a bit every day; but imagine that you or a close relative had to deal with paralysis every day of your lives, and then imagine that there is hope.

    Kris Ainsworth


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    Kerr, Keirstead, McDonald, Stice and Jun Yan courageously work on ESCR to Cure SCI.

    Divisiveness comes from not following Christopher Reeve's ESCR lead.
    Young does ASCR.
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    Good thoughts, Faye

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    Where did you find this?
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