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    The proper email for the Moscow clinic contact: ,or

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    Question Where can we find the video you refer to ?

    Quote Originally Posted by oxygen
    You can see on the video in a clinic a boy from Romania, he was Asia A complete. T level, I dont remember exactly. Now he can walk alone, using some paraliber. ....
    Hi Oxygen,
    Where /how can we find the video your refer to? thanks in advance. Corinne

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    I am sorry for a small break but I had a small accident with my skin on my leg. I was not able to seat. Here you got some pipctures
    This picture was made before neurovita procedure, its was made also after novosybirsk procedure. There was a passive knees control. Very, very very weak trunk and no stability.
    Look at the pictures made on last friday. and
    Remeber that I am T6!! When you move your hands up you must work only muscles on your venter and legs. No trunk control because the spine muscles are turned off. Very big stability.
    I leave decission to you, please comment.... Very appreciated

    The video with guy from romania is avalaible in the clinic, you might buy it. call to the administartion and talk with Maria.
    regards mike
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    thanks for posting your picture

    My comment is very simple. I saw great progess from your before/after picture from the treatment in the neurovita clinic. I am sure the next picture (in about 30 days) will show you standing up without any assistance.

    Keep going.

    Thank you for your information.

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    red points

    Before my treatment in moscow I had to put a pillow or towel or something else beatween my knees to avoid chafe. When I had my legs together for 2-4 hours I had red points on my skin for 2-3 weeks. Now I can stay in my bed for 24 hours without any pillows and the skin on my legs is without any red points. I am not afraid anymore of bed-sore.

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    Hi Oxygen,

    Does this mean you can now feel when your legs are uncomfortable and move them (by hand if needed) in order to stop any pressure points (red marks)?

    The reason I ask is that even somebody without SCI would have to move their legs in a 24hr period otherwise they would get red marks, and the reason they move their legs is because they can feel the discomfort.

    Thanks for any information and good luck with your continued recovery

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    I feel my legs inside, I can use my pelvis to move my legs when I feel uncomfortable. But the most important thing is that my legs can be ( one on one ) for all night. After 3 minutes when they are not together the red points disappear......and this is cool

    do you want me to post some other photos?
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    you coulden't move 'em before the surgery ?

    and yes please post more photos ...

    thank you very much for your help Oxygen

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    I hadnt surgery. I had puntions.
    Moving pelves is not moving legs. I am using different muscles to do it. But is high positions I can bend my knees and control them. I can also make them straight.

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    some photos

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