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Thread: callipers photo

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    callipers photo

    I use this type of calliper.i would like to know other patients braces as this looks lil awful.

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    Ok i found atlast site with various types of callipers.Friends do the same types callipers been used by u all or different n better? the link below displays a pic but i cant understand which strip is attached the foot shoe???? doctors pls enlighten me

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    For a HKAFO, it usually has to be highly customized and cannot be bought "off the shelf" and expect it to actually work. They can be quite expensive, and often need adjustment by a good orthotist for some time after they are made so that they actually work.

    You might want to look into the RGO type HKAFO. Here is a pretty good article about this type:


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    Yikes, Shweta, those are scary looking! I posted a couple of links you can check out in your other thread.

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    I think i use one like sci nurse is talking about, they made it for me while i was still in rehab and yes it was price around 1600 and its still uncomfortable as hell but its stylish

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