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Thread: Getting on Medicare?

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    Getting on Medicare?

    ok so its been two years now in july, and ive heard that you can get on medicare after two years. i havent gotten any packages to apply. do i need to call someone or what to get on medicare? do i even want to get on medicare? i am on medicaid, and have gotten so much taken care of by them. what is the difference in them both? thanks ya'll
    Josh S.
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    Have you been on SSDI that entire time? You must be on SSDI for 24 months prior to applying (it is dated from this, not from when your injury occured). Medicaid will usually pay your Medicare Part B premiums. As soon as you are eligible, Social Security should contact you to tell you that you are signed up for Part A and to offer you Part B, but if 24 months of SSDI has already passed, you probably should contact them.

    Especially with many states cutting back on their Medicaid programs, it is wise to sign up for Medicare as soon as you can.

    They have an excellent website:

    To apply you actually go through Social Security:


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