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Thread: OK Fuente you are kinda right for the moment!

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    OK Fuente you are kinda right for the moment!

    If I hadn't become used to my powerchair and begun using it in 2002 I wouldn't be so useless, weak and depressed now that its in the shop. I have actually surprised myself and pushed myself up my ramp (with Violet cheering go, mommy, go ... it was hilarious) because Violet begged me outside mommy try try try peaaaaaassssseeeee. I also swept and mopped my entire house, something I haen't even tried in my powerchair (it was messy, I was desperate lol). I'm willing to give this manual chair another shot, hell if you can do it with trace triceps and Shaun, etc. can too I as a C 7/8 should be able to. So a few questions.
    1. How do you carry things like coffee, 4 litres milk jugs, dishes to load in the dishwasher etc. (I find loading and unloading the dishwasher very difficult - I drop everything)
    2. How big of a slope can you manage? Theres two steep hills (i'd guess close to 20% grade) - one from my house to the sidewalk and one to the bus stop) I absolutely must be able to do. As well as a very steep one into and out of the leecture theatres at university, although I might use a powerchaur there as I've got 2 kms between classes to do in less than 10 minutes
    3. How do you do in snow? Esp. considering I need to get to the bus stop (6 blocks away) on unplowed roads (just compact/rutted residential streets)
    4. How do you carry heavy things like my laptop, school books, some groceries?

    I know I need my drivers liscence but thats not likely before next spring.

    I'll give this a shot anyhow. When my powerchair works I'm much more independent but I can't stand being so pathetic when its broken.

    Oh and I use a Quickie XTR, weighs a ton, hoping for my Kushall before November.

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    1. keep lids on coffee and shove between your legs. Carry a tea tray on your lap. It has a lip so I you spill you won't burn. You can pile dishes etc. on it as well and traverse the home.

    2.I make little loads to carry so they aren't heavy. More trips but no spillage.

    3.Do they still make "grade aids" ?? They slip down near your brakes when you're going up a hill so you don't slip back.

    p.s. I pushed for a number of years and still do, but find the power chair so much easier for work.

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    oh my goodness, the newest commando quad.

    1. if it just 1 cup of java, i balance it on my they then keep one habnd on top of it, alternating hands to push.
    2. im good on ramps, i bend over to get added thrust and downward force from my shoulders. make the 10min between classes your challenge mini sprint you can do it. i pushed my ass off in college

    3. snow sucks for anyone, i dont do much pushing in it, just from my car to the door, most lots are plowed.
    4. i pile most things on my lap, sometimes ill jam bags down between my legs /feet.
    and i alwaysd catrry a backpack for wallet keys, ect.

    emi, good for you. you can do nearly anything you want, but you have to want it. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Emi, try putting a plastic milk crate or a boxon your lap to carry groceries and such. I try to keep one in my van in case I'm bringing stuff in that wants to keep falling off my lap when it's just in bags.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm gonna keep trying, until winter at least - hopefully the major snow wont come untol November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emi2
    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm gonna keep trying, until winter at least - hopefully the major snow wont come untol November.
    Snow/ice + manual chair + quad = UGH

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    I have a thing I put on my lap to carry things around the house, got it at books a million. I think you are supposed to set a book on them to read. You will never find me around the house without this on my lap, my mom bought it because before I used her cutting board. If I find a picture I'll link it. For my books I just lay my bookbag across my lap, putting it on and off the back of my chair is a hassle, but I do do that ocassionally. I loop the grocerie bags around my armrest and then let them lay in my lap, I also hang them from the back of my chair. They do still make the grade aids I usually only use them when it is raining and I'm on an incline. Good luck in the snow, the salt rock hurts my hands more than the frusteration of the wet snow.
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    1) I use a wheelchair pouch, attaches to the chair under my legs, as a coffee cub, beer can, soda can holder, etc holder. My legs don't hold cans, cups, glasses very well, so I only use my legs on short trips.

    2) Slopes are all about momentum, leaning forward and pushing with everything ya got. If it's a log slope and I'm out of steam I'll just turn sideways and take a breather.

    3) I won't even attempt to go out in the snow unless I using my Quickie XTR ->

    4) I carry my briefcase on my lap, but I use my backpack for most things. Before I got married going to the grocery store really sucked, because I had to go 3 times a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emi2

    Oh and I use a Quickie XTR, weighs a ton, hoping for my Kushall before November.
    I am T2 /T3 para for 27 years. I had an XTR and found it just didn't work for me. I got rid of it and was happier for it.

    If it (XTR) is the only manual you have ever had I think you will find the Kushall an enormous improvement with greatly increased mobility.

    Good luck..

    edited to say: I just read Loosecannon's post and I guess XTR is working fine for him... I guess it all comes down to the individual... in any event wish you well with new manual.
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    Thanks for the advice! What I've decided is to keep using the manual around the house and yard, maybe even try to get across the street to the mall in it so that I am strong enough. In winter and at school I'll use my powerchair but transfer into my manual when I get home, which will save me the muddy water from now melt all over too, and make less dents in my walls also.. And get my liscence. That way I'll be in better shape, and able to deal with my manual if my power breaks down.

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