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Thread: any mac users? help

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    any mac users? help

    i have a new g4 powerbook, and i cant seem to play wmv movies. quicktime will not play them. i downloaded windows media player but cant get it to work. when the page icon pops up on the desk top it says an application to open this file has not been designated. then asks which application to open with.??an application to open an application, dont get it. i downloaded vlc media player and it works,cause it set it self up for me. i cant watch umv movies on it either...but at least i can VIEW FULL SCREEN with it...anyway thanks for any help

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    baron, I don't understand. If you have window media player, when you double-click the window media file and it asks you for what application to use, just go to your Applications folder and choose the windows media player to open the file. It should work. It does for me. Have you tried that?

    I have not encountered many (any) video formats that Quicktime, WMP, or realPlayer would not run.

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    It sounds like the file type simply isn't assigned (which is odd). Try control-clicking on the .wmv file, select 'Get Info,' and in the 'open with' dropdown, select Windows Media Player from your applications. Then click the 'Change All...' button to assign the player as the default app for .wmvs.

    Quicktime does not support windows media, FYI.

    ~ scott

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    i downloaded realplayer but it will not play wmv either. when i down load widows media player an icon comes up on the screen that says windows media player.sitx...when i click it, it says an application has not been designated to open this document, and then says which one, i dont know which one. why does it not just setup like real player.?

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    I would guess that you don't have stuffit X

    StuffIt X is a new archive file format powered by Aladdin's ATOM compression technology. StuffIt X makes archives with a .SITX file extension. The StuffIt X file format integrates compression with security and safety options. Requires Stuffit Expander v7.0 or later (MAC)

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    OK I downloaded stufit x. samething.a page icon comes up onthe desktop i click it and it says an application has not been designated to open this document. select an application to open it with.

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    stuffit is the program you need, the link I gave assumes you already have stuffit installed. Sorry I am not a MAC user. Here is the stuffit website, you should be able to find the program you need here, and it is all free too

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    thanks guys you helped me alot. i now have windows media played and can watch wmv movies on my mac, yippee

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    but............the quality sucks. does anyone know an all in one player for macs free or not. i heard someone came out with a codec to play wmv on mac $15.00 cant find it though.

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    I have heard that VLC is the best media player for mac and supports WMV. Course what I have heard and what realy is could be two seperate things all together though. It is free so why not try it eh? Home Page for VLC

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