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Thread: Should I be angry?

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    Should I be angry?

    I live in a fairly small town that has maybe 3 urologists. I IC and have been experiencing bad bladder spasms accompanied by blood in the urin. I though it would be simple enough for the docs in this area to figure out so I submitted a urin sample. It showed nothing so I had an IVP, which showed nothing. Then the doc says he needs to do a cystoscopy (sp?). I checked out the procedure on the net and thought no prob. I would be In/out and back to normal in less than an hour so I agree.

    The procedure was Friday afternoon. Here's how it went:
    My girlfriend and I go to the hospital and I get on a stretcher type thing. In comes a nurse who hooked up an IV (cause they were going to give me an annestetic). Then the annestesiologist comes in. We speak, and shortly after, a nurse comes and gets me. My legs get put up, i get some oxygen and the next thing I know I'm fealing funny and the procedure is over. They bring me back to the room where I was before, and I notice that I have an indwelling catheter. My girlfriend returns and tells me that the doctor informed her that he found a blockage and that I need to leave the catheter in and make an appointment to see him in 10 days. She said she wanted to asked the doc lots of questions but he blew her off. A nurse who was not part of the procedure comes in, unhooks everything and tells me that I can leave. It's 5 o'clock before I get home.

    So here is my current situation:

    1. My penis is extremely soar. They put in an 18 french and i am small down there. I admit it.

    2. I have no Idea what type of blockage I have, or if they corrected it.

    3. I have no way of finding out what's up until tuesday because of the weakend and holliday.

    Shouldn't The doc or a nurse have filled me in on what is going on?

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    There is clearly a communication problem. Most urologists should have coverage even over a holiday weekend. At the very least, you should be able to get a hold of the doctor to get an explanation and reassurance of what is going on.


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    the location that did your "procedure" should be able to page someone who can explain to you what is happening. I think the reason that they didn't tell your gf anything is, the privacy issue. Get on the phone and insist that someone tell you what the situation is, holiday or not. Hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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    Angry?? Nah. Rude as the doctor? Yes. Page his butt! If you have to call the hospital this was done in to get that doctor paged then do it. Have a list of all your questions printed up and ready to go. If you have a home fax all the better. Ask for his home fax and send it to him. He messed up your long weekend by not sticking around to answer your questions so mess up his. I'm sure he'll add a couple strokes to his golf game if he losses an extra hour of sleep tonight.

    I hate to say this because there are so many good doctors out there but I always figure on them having a god complex until proven otherwise. So like before my laproscopy I made sure to tell my surgeon that no matter what was found Iwas not to wake up with any new holes in my body without a consultation with me first and while I was completely awake and drug free. Considering your procedure the possibility of a foley afterwards should have been discussed in advance WITH YOU because of several different diagnosises or complications that might have required one. I hope someone at least told you how to care for it until Tuesday.

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