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    Unhappy Cathing Blood

    I do intermitant (sp?) cathing 3x a day, every day for the past nine years. During today's afternoon cath, my assistant saw blood on the outside of the catheter. As she pulled it out when I was finished there was more blood on the on the rest of the catheter all the way to the end of it.

    Upon inspection, we noticed that the tube had a sharp edge on the tip like it had either broken off or been cut in the factory. I also need to mention that I don't use normal catheters, I use 10 french x42 NG feeding tubes. Without the length for gravity (bucket below me) it doesn't work.

    I'm wondering what to expect for damage and how to heal with continued cathing. I don't have any sensation in that area and no idea where the blood came from, probably a good thing. There is a roasted nut (RN) coming tomorrow, but only CNAs and family until then. Thanks for any help.
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    It is likely that you have damaged your urethra...probably lacerated it with the sharp edge. It would be best to insert a indwelling foley catheter for 1-2 weeks while it heals. Continuing to do intermittent cath is likely to continue to keep the areas bleeding.

    You can report the defective catheter to the manufacturer and FDA, but of course they will tell you that this product is not approved or designed for the use you are putting it to. What other catheters have you tried?

    If I understand your post, you do not cath yourself, but have an attendant do this. Have you considered having a Mitrofanoff done to make it easier for you to cath yourself or for an assistant to cath you other than through your urethra?


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